Summer Round-Up Take 2 (Giveaway)

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BusyWorkingMama – Lawry’s Spices

Robyn – Handstand Books

Rachel – Mars Needs Moms

Mike – Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover for Wii

Rita – Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover for Nintendo DSi

I am sure that we are on the same page that this Summer thing is happening way too fast. My kids are at camp and mommy guilt is working overtime that we have not really taken a vacation. Which also means there is just too much of awesome stuff to share with you but I am tackling it extravaganza style but combining them in one post. This may be the last summer goodness series this year but who knows, so don’t hold me to that just yet.


Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover!

Sesame Street can always be relied on to bring quality entertainment to kids. I doubt any mama out there worries when her kids watch Sesame Street that any part of it would be a bad influence. Of course we would always want that influence to extend beyond the television. I love that Sesame Street don’t pretend that the children they create shows for also use other technology but embrace it in an innovative way. This means whether my kids use the Wii or Nintendo I can provide games are suitable for their age.

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover set of games is particularly attractive for several reasons. The “add-ons” they come with is super cute like the wii controller cover which is in the form of Grover and for the Nintendo there is a stylus styled with Grover as well. The content focuses on  hygiene so a fab way to have fun while learning. If think that is great, then Mommy Niri is giving her readers a chance to win both these games. Neat, right? I received both these games and can tell you they make an excellent addition to the gaming library.


Handstand Books For Kids

Increasing kid’s, and actually everyone’s, exposure to cooking from various cultures is important. Not just for taste but to broaden horizons beyond borders. Now eating food from various lands would in itself be a treat, but cooking with kids opens a whole spectrum of benefits. Beyond taste and exposure, I love that cooking with your child is now an activity. An activity that provides an opportunity to bond with your child. It can also be educational if you discuss various aspects of food: nutrients, history, culinary etc. The other part I simply love about Handstand For Kids kits is with the whole focus on obesity in kids, including kids in the kitchen means they can take a somewhat active part in what they eat.

These books, which are also sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, come each with a simple accessory to match. Now you can win a kit too.  I received the Mexican kit but there are several other options available.


When we were asked to use Lawry’s spices to create a meal that was scalable, we delivered. Now you have to head over to that post to see our scrumptious Spicy Veggie Puffs recipe you get to win a set of spices too. In fact you don’t need to wait and see our recipes you can concoct something of your own with these spices lending a hand. You can win a set of 3 products from Lawrys. I received these products while participating in a sponsored campaign – keep an eye out for my awesome recipe with it.



This movie was all me. My kids didn’t know a thing about about Smurfs and I felt it to be my duty to expose them to part of something from my past. I mean it would be wrong to not know the little blue guys, right? When a movie is made in 3D I feel like I am missing out by not watching it, at east the first time, in 3D. So I headed out alone with my 2 girls in tow, praying that the movie would not disappoint as my 4 year old will let her feelings shown. The simple story of the Smurfs being out their element in New York City may sound so “done before” and maybe it is somewhat, but I am a sucker for sweet movies. Neil Patrick Harris adds another blast from the past feel (ala Doogie Howser MD) and plays the sweet new dad-to-be struck with jitters. Helping them make their way “home” while dealing with a range of emotions (human’s and Smurf’s) providing an adventure that kept both my girls in their seats. This movie was worth every cent I spent on it and I am sure you will think so too.

A Little Help

My hubby and I are fans of “independent” style movies. Movies that don’t try and do your thinking for you. This is a simple movie about a ora hygienist who is grappling with her relationship with her son who seems to idolize his dad but does not share the same feelings with his mom. The dad comes out clearly to the viewer as a jerk who definitely has something else going on. Heart issues are not just mental with husband but physical too. In fact during an attempt to kick up the heat by the wife is where he meets his demise.

As if dealing with that was not good enough the movie has a few characters that add flavor to the mix. A sister who is acutely aware of living in her sister’s “beauty” shadow. The only “normal” one in the mix is her brother-in-law, or so she thinks. It seems having the field clear to confess his long time attraction to her and marries her sister just to be related to her. Corny and sick, if you ask me. Worth watching how she tries to patch pieces of her life and also deal with the curve ball of having her son declare that his dad died in September 11. (I received a screener to checkout before the movie lasted)

Mars Needs Moms

You will remember my review of this movie when it hit the circuit. For a quick rundown: mom gets taken to Mars to “train” martian women how to take care of kids. Sadly this means mom is left in a “non-returnable” state. Son gets on board spaceship and tries to rescue mom. I love that this movie brings back adventure without all the double meanings and more adult-like themes disguised in family movies. I also appreciate that the movie allows kids to step more into the imagination realm and to think outside of what is constantly visible.  I received a copy and now one of my readers can win a copy too. How is that for out of this world prizes?

I have something for 5 Mommy Niri readers.

The prizes up for grabs:

  • A set of 3 Lawry’s spice products (pictured above)
  • A Handstand kit
  • A Mars Needs Moms DVD
  • Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover for Wii
  • Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover for Nintendo DSi

Want to win one of these prizes?

To win tell me what is your favorite summer city. Winners chose by USA  only. You can win one of the prizes – based in order of prizes drawn. Winner not allowed to select prizing and no substitutions allowed.

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