Ready Or Not, 1st Grade, Here We Come!

EDUCATION, MY VIEWS | | August 30, 2011 at 7:43 am

Today is the day my oldest girl started 1st Grade. Her indecisiveness as to how to get to school meant we started in a car, drove to bus stop to watch the kids get on. While waiting she saw some kids who were walking to school and decided to walk to school. I put my 4 year old back in the car and decided to drive her to her last week of camp while dad walked with the 1st Grader. A street or so down met my kiddo and her dad and they changed their mind and wanted a ride. Drop them both at the school and headed to camp to drop off youngest. Was feeling bummed that I had not met 1st Grader’s teacher. Call hubby and decide to pick him up as all buses (and school program) was running late as it was 1st day. Get to school and manage to see kiddo and meet teacher too.

Sounds crazy? I needed that to make me focus elsewhere – or I may be focusing too much on the fact that my kid is now going to a regular (non special needs) class and does not have an aide or anyone to assist her. Be still my heart!



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