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Congratulations Corina!

Even typing those words “back to school” is tough for me. Which feels kind of ridiculous seeing my 1st Grader starts school  TOMORROW!!! Yikes. Maybe I should be preparing but part of me is still in denial. Let’s take a 1st stab at the some highlights. Who knows, there may be more roundups (always filled with great giveaways too).

This time I am going to do one big giveaway so I hope some lucky reader gets to celebrate Back-To-School season.

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop Game

I love board games but getting it to work with the patience of younger kids is a challenge. Word games are fabulous and I am a huge fan of early reading and words definitely are a strong component of getting there. There is nothing like hearing my 4 year old yell in the car “Mom, how do you say this word” and she goes on to spell it (something she learned from her sister). I love it. Learning is contagious and if the family played educational games together then they can have fun while learning. While I love Scrabble I knew introducing it to my 6 year old may be a little too hasty, yet I thought this game was a perfect introduction.

Scooping out the letters with a ladle, each of the 4 players get their own, and then have to speedily make words. But worry not that they have to do it from scratch. Each player also gets a card and matches those letters to the words on the cards. You can of course adapt the game to make it as easy or difficult as you like. The tangible feel of the letter tiles lends to the sensory aspect I seek for in games. The little bee tile adds to the fun (or frustration for a 4 year old) as you have to return all your tiles back to the pot should you scoop that out.

The Help – Caramel Cake Tea

Wait, wait! What is that you say? What does tea have to do with Back To School? Ever seen mamas (and papas) at bus stops with that cup in hand? Precisely. I was never a big tea drinker, maybe it was in rebellion to the huge tea love in South Africa, but while dating my now husband I grew back in love with tea. Now, if you follow me on twitter or friends with me of Facebook you will see me speak often about tea. First let’s chat about the inspiration for this tea. Deriving the theme from the movie The Help, which I wrote about recently, the Republic Of Tea’s special edition The Help – Caramel Cake Tea, is so much better than the trinkets spawned after a film hits the circuit. I mean seriously, do we need all that plastic junk?

So this was one movie inspired merchandise I was glad to try out. Besides the fact that I am a tea lover, I love experimenting too. I would not consider myself a tea aficionado aka as snob – since I personally feel that those shee-shee places that sell tea in the corner of malls are way too intimidating and make it look more like a club. I am of the ilk that feels tea is that thing you have on a lazy afternoon where time stands still with your family. The fact that this had black tea in it meant I knew I would start loving it. Admittedly having the word “cake” in the name did not hurt me agreeing to it too. A subtle hint of sweetness but definitely more a hint of deeper, darker, sweetness more raisiny-molasses like. I know I sound like I am making no sense – but taking a whiff of it you think man this would be too sweet but taste it and it is a comfort type tea. I had mine with milk like I normally do (except Rooibos which I take black – let’s save that story for another day) and yes I added sugar because I really wanted to taste that richer sweet taste and wanted more than the subtle sweetness it delivered. Definitely a tea I could enjoy with my family. Yes, my kids are getting interested in tea time too.

Ouchless Goody brush(and bands)

I have 2 girls. There is hair. There is a lot of hair. Just check my vacuum if you don’t trust me. I had to cut each of my girls hair by 3 months, yes it grows fast. So fast in fact I have a prepaid set of coupons I purchased to afford those haircuts. Since they wanted to grow it, we finally caved in and let them grow it. Since I like hair being kept neat (well my kids – mine is another story) it means we suffer a lot of “ows” and “oohs” as I try to braid it. Normally my unsympathetic attitude is “suck it up” but I do recall those days when my mom did the same for me. Of course hair bands have come a long way since then and luckily for my daughters I managed to spy the “ouch-less” selection of products by Goody. Not only do they have these fabulous bands that don’t have those metal clasps but also a wonderful brush that weirdly enough minimizes yanking at the hair.

Llama Llama Home With Mama

If you have younger kids and have not heard of the Llama Llama series of books you would indeed be accused of living under a rock.  Llama Llama Home With Mama was released on August 23 and unlike many of other popular books which somehow lose their lustre with subsequent series, I have not seen that happen just yet. Whether this is because each book is so different in its own right or whether it still keeps so much heart in it. Not only that, I love that as a mama it is clear that Anna Dewdney, the author, clearly recalls the stages of kids at this age. I still remember her book about the llama being angry at shopping in another book and it fit my kiddo to the T, in fact she kinda looked embarrassed as I read that to her.

We all recall too easily days our kids are sick, that may be because there are so many of them. I love that here the focus is not only of Llama being sick but mama too. Since I normally kiss my kid’s booboos better, it always takes me by surprise when I stub my toe how quick my kids are to kiss my toes better. As a mama it warms my heart to see kids act selfless and I love that this book shows how focusing on each other mama and llama feel better.

The Lion King in 3D

I know movies are further from your mind now but seriously if you are like me and feel like you need some make-up time for fun since it flew past, then feel free to use weekends for mini fun activities too. I was a huge fan of The Lion King. The fact that I saw it in South Africa on the big screen and hearing at the time that it was the first Disney movie also dubbed in Zulu obviously made it a movie close to my heart. Hubby has always loved it too, though we never saw it together or on DVD. My girls had never watched the movie and we were keen for them to watch it. When we were invited to a screening to watch it in 3D we were ecstatic. Imagine the same adventure – but now feeling closer to the action. Not only did the movie bring back memories it created new ones.

The same story full of heart and capturing the responsibility of the  being “king of the jungle” but with the scintillating music we all know and love. The movie hits the theater for a limited 2 weeks and then gets released in October on Blu-Ray and DVD.


Now how about one lucky Mommy Niri reader win some of these amazing items?

Want to win a these Back To School items?

Llama plush toy

The book

Ouchless brush and Ouchless bands

The Help – Caramel Cake Tea


Approximate value of prize $86!!!

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