At The School Bus Stop? Smile!

MY VIEWS, PARENTING | | August 31, 2011 at 9:34 pm

My 6 year old started 1st Grade yesterday and she really wanted to ride the bus on her 1st day. As we approached the bus stop we noticed several parents standing there with kids. All were busy chatting amiably, which I would assume to mean they all knew each other. As they continued to sip their coffee (assuming it to be), they did not even give a passing glance as we approached. Not only that, but as we stepped on the sidewalk to wait, they moved aside and had their back towards us. Who does that?

I asked my daughter if she was excited. She begged me to drive her saying that she was feeling shy and no-one wanted to speak to her. I stared at parents and children alike hoping to make eye-contact and I might as well have been invisible. Who does that?? Really? I could hardly blame my kiddo for feeling out of place because I started to feel that way too. Finally another kiddo walked passed us and was walking to school so she walked a bit of the way with her.

This morning we made another trial but the grapes were already sour to her but we made arrangement for a little girl from her class to sit with her when she returned with the bus. Since on the 1st day we picked her up so she could attend her therapy sessions, this would hopefully be her 1st trip on the bus. Hubby (the sweetheart) got to the school to make sure she really got on the bus while I awaited on the other end with little sister in one hand and a Starbucks drink in the other.

Children emulate us. I plead with you to look around and see anyone alone or new and give them at least a smile. Maybe you recall the day you needed it, maybe you never did but it means the world to someone out there. Go on, smile!

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    Ketlen says:

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