The Price Of Dental Healthcare. #Periobalance

REVIEWS | | July 22, 2011 at 8:16 am

You know how things start off as a fad. Everyone looks at you like a weirdo or freak or basically full of nonsense when you have something different? I admitted my snotty attitude about electronic toothbrushes in an earlier post and now not only do I love them but they are in every single store that sells brushes too. Being always one to catch the tail-end of a trend I am grateful for being a blogger as I now not only catch trends I am earlier than the public to get to see them. When the kind folks at PerioBalance asked me to take it for a trial I carefully weighed the benefits and agreed. Knowing that there were not many people I could ask about this I did happen to ask the dentists (my kid’s and mine) and I rightfully assumed that they had heard about it. They acknowledged it was new and could not hurt to try it.

I completed a month of it and there is no doubt my mouth felt great each day, and in fact while I can’t scientifically draw conclusions I can tell you my mouth felt fresher. Since preventative stuff is more difficult to access than stuff fixing stuff you know it must be working when you have no issues, rather than see something “get better”. I am not tempted to give them to my kids too, you know they are safe to do that right? Even if you were pregnant you could have them. Dental issues are no joke when pregnant, a co-worker of mine had to have a root canal while pregnant. Ouch!

Getting back to making this part of my routine – I wondered if like flossing, mouthwash etc this could become a part of the general public’s routine. While shopping for some toothbrushes at a pharmacy my question was answered. Slap-dash right in the middle of the other dental products was a box of PerioBalance. I can totally see that this becomes a norm, and I kinda like healthy norms. Like each day my kids take their Omega 3 vitamins and a probiotic chew, I think a new step in our dental health is about to begin. How much do I love the way PerioBalance made me feel? Enough that I am buying it for my whole family. What is that you say? “Too expensive to be part of your routine?” Well then, have you seen what corrective dental costs are? Yeah, not a pretty sight. And truthfully money aside why on earth would we not want to do something to help maintain dental health?  Exactly.

Disclosure: Sunstar GUM and PerioBalance have provided me product and compensation for the month long trial.

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