RedRover: The App That Arranges Playdates – Fast!

REVIEWS | | July 25, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Growing up without family around me meant I had to make a concerted effort to get people together so that my kid (and later kids) could have some company. In fact I was super surprised to hear the term “playdate” – it sounded so formal and intimidating. Then we started with gym classes when my oldest was 6 months (else I would have been bored out of my mind) and then a lot of time trying to keep in touch. The email thread itself got ridiculous just to find out something that works for everyone with schedules and locations. Painful would be a kind word to use to describe it.

I even recall kicking off a brunch series with neighbors who had kids with similar ages and after they nobly insisted they get a chance to host, that led to it dying a quick death for lack of schedules and commitment. Frustrated would not even begin to explain my feelings. I learned several things along the way

People are lazy! This is why the Redrover app helps. Those who really want to egt together will if you make it as easy as a look scroll, click. I mean we already know that the smartphone has access to your emails, weather, maps, places and locations (via checkins) so I love that the Redrover app harnessed that. The other thing was to increase my circle so that I could have people of various interests in my “mommy” community. The Redrover app is excellent for adding all contacts. In fact the ways you can add friends is pretty intensive including phone address book, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and  Hotmail. The other pretty neat feature is the ability to group friends. Whether you do this by location, age, or function (school, dance or family friends) it makes it faster to share with a specific group.

The ability to post directly to Facebook or Twitter is a nice option for public playdates. Like “heading to watch Winnie The Pooh at Fenway Regal” – makes it perfect for friends who were still up in the air about their plans or friends who were already heading there but now know to look for you.

So when I have all my stuff set up and am ready to use I don’t want a single meetup to have a long-drawn process to get things going. If you can see the simplistic screen. “Meet now or  later” makes it as easy as you can get. I also am a huge fan that you can actually search for places in case you are stumped for choices. It is also a great way to discover stuff that you never knew existed in your neighborhood.

Also from July 14 through July 28. RedRover is donating $1 for every download during this time to Christy Turnlington’s charity, How perfect is that?

Disclosure: Redrover has compensated me for my time to test-drive this app.

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