My #Blogher11 Round-Up And Why No-One Should Feel Alone At BlogHer!

SOCIAL MEDIA | | July 13, 2011 at 10:19 pm

I thought about skipping writing a BlogHer post this year. Yup, I decided I could not pull my own act together myself so I should save others from taking advice from someone like me. I mean fashion wise I suck and organization wise is… well let’s just not go there. I have written several posts before and I am recycling  a few here (all in my aim to be greener). I do feel that they ALL match the mood so I just want to get it out of the way and link them here.

Before BlogHer:

Post BlogHer:

The spouse’s dilemma:

The attendee’s anxiety:

So now that I have all of that off my chest (they’re pretty awesome right? the posts not my chest – I personally love them and had to share), we can move on the crux of this post. A few days ago someone tweeted about worrying they would feel alone at BlogHer. While I know many people now, and consider myself pretty confident, I also know that feeling all too well. I did cry as I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event 2 years ago. I also set myself up for disappointment when I held bloggers I revered unto probably unfairly high standards. And sometimes I was just plain shocked that people were not as inclusive as I had seen them online to be.

As a kid when you are returning to your old school after summer you are all excited to see your buddies but can you imagine going to a new school? That is akin to what a blogger feels when it looks like everybody, and their aunt, seems to be hugging in the lobby while you try not to look awkward and pretend not to feel a tad bit hurt to feel left out. Sure when you are all staring star-struck at panels or in your room it may not matter to you but really the heart and soul of conferences is the bonding experience.

So I really wish every blogger has a wonderful time. I don’t care if you get into that private party you have been eye-ing, I don’t care if you missed getting awesome swag and I really don’t care about your outfit – I do, however, care if you feel you are lonely and wish you could talk to someone. The one thing I do know is that within that sea of bloggers there are several amazing people just waiting to be discovered – with you being one of them. So make an effort say hi, and if they look over your head (and yes many will), don’t let it stop you from saying hi to the next person.

I would love to meet you and you can always tweet me if you ever want a quick chat. And if you want to be guaranteed to find me come check out me speak along with my friends Amy and Stacie (both fabulous friends mind you) on Friday at 2:45pm in a Room Of Your Own session. So if you are keen to meet other bloggers leave your twitter id below and let’s all make sure we all have a wonderful experience at #BlogHer11!

See you in San Diego!

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