Time To Consider A Seiko Watch?

PRODUCTS | | June 16, 2011 at 8:36 am

There was a time that the ultimate gift at home was a watch. I am sure we all pretty much have a watch story. I see my husband still keep in his drawer an old watch gifted to him by his dad. It doesn’t work anymore but understandably he won’t let go as it has treasured memories of his late dad. Similarly I recall getting plastic watches as a kid and then getting to the digital watch (not pretty ones) as I got older. When I finished college in the year of my 21st birthday I remember my mom getting me a Seiko watch. It was a thing of beauty and I still recall it had a little chain hanging from it (yeah well that was fashionable then) which seemed to get caught in the weirdest of places but never bothered me. I knew that a Seiko watch meant a quality watch and was certainly one I wore with pride.

I still have the watch and have not changed the battery but am confident it should still work. When I had my babies I stopped using almost all jewelry and watches fell into that category. Which meant that they were all relegated to the honor of living in my chest drawers. When I was approached to take a look at the new Seiko men’s watch in light of Father’s Day I thought why not. My hubby’s watch had the same fate as mine except that his last one, though attractive, did not survive. Now my sweetheart hates being indulged and even more so with gifts, or anything. It arrived in a luxurious box with a little “pillow” to sit on and shouted out exquisite already. So I approached with trepidation to give it to him.

I was expecting moaning, very similar to those uttered daily by my kids and was shocked that he accepted it.  That alone to me was all I needed as he is incredibly fussy about things, but when he wore it, I was really excited as this is so not the norm. Of course we had to have to made a little smaller since the default sizing probably fits no-one. The fact that he came from India and me from South Africa and we both know the quality of Seiko speaks volumes of the brand.

So I am sure you want the skinny on the watch, right. Well here are just a few details about it.

  • There is no battery change, ever! Seriously,  how fabulously green is that?
  • It is powered by any type of light, not just solar. This alone has been a downer of many eco-powered stuff – not enough sunlight hours.
  • There is a solar cell with high performance electricity generation. That is too much for my brain to even break down to explian
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M) – if you are like me and have kids, anything water resistant sounds attractive.

The watch retails for $195 and I doubt that, if you got this for someone this Father’s Day, it will spend any time hidden in some drawer. Perfect time for a gift to make the memories count.

Disclosure: I was provided the watch to review.

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