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REVIEWS | | June 27, 2011 at 8:34 pm

I have been careful about reviewing things that claim to make a difference. I have passed on makeup, skincare and or things making declarations that are health changing. For one I do not use my body as a guinea pig and secondly I know many friends and readers actually trust what I say so I want to be sure when I say it, I mean it. When I was approached about GUM PerioBalance I did do a retake because that name GUM stuck in my head from those toothbrushes the dentist hand you after a cleaning. I thought, hey if my dentist trusted that brand I sure am not going to turn my nose at them.

I was crossing my fingers that the product itself would be something in line with my focus on goal for a more natural living and when I heard the word probiotics I felt reassured. Not sure how many of you are familiar with probiotics but since I have been working hard on my kids getting their dose I know of their importance. We work on getting probiotics in them with yogurts and natural supplements and have noticed a huge difference in their tummy aches and basic immune system (my girls hardly have colds etc). For those still not sure how probiotics work I am going to explain it you the way I explain it to my kids. There are 2 types of bacteria: good bacteria and bad bacteria (or as I say to my kids the good guys and bad guys) . GUM PerioBalance contains ProdentisTM, a patented, unique blend of naturally-occurring probiotics, which fight bacteria responsible for poor oral health.

We all hear so much about the bad guys and in fact so much medication is there to thwart the efforts on the bad bacteria that people forget to focus on getting the good bacteria stronger. So with that in mind I wondered about the whole notion of probiotics for the mouth was about.

Getting on a call with Nia Vardalos, the spokesperson for the product, I was relieved to hear that it was safe enough even for pregnant women – how’s that for safe? With that reassurance I have been trying it for  week and to satisfy the skeptic in me they even sent me strips to test the ph level of my saliva.

It makes sense, right? The mouth is where everything begins so it would make sense to want a good start. I happen to speak to my kid’s dentist (yup both my 4 and 6 year old have no cavities) about dental probiotics and they confirmed my thoughts saying it is really new so not too much is known about the concept but we all know how probiotics are good for you so it couldn’t hurt.

After one week all I can say is that the changes are not drastic but just a feeling of a slightly cleaner mouth. More of the journey over the next few weeks.

Disclosure: Sunstar GUM and PerioBalance have provided me product and compensation for the month long trial.

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