Inside Scoop On Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Includes Quotes From Producer And Director ! (Win A $50 Movie Gift Card And Book)

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CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Geoff! Confession: my favorite perk of being a blogger is watching screenings watching screenings with my kids. There is nothing like sharing my love for the big screen with my kids. There is a moment when you are watching a good family movie when you look at their faces and realize that you are sharing something together, irrespective of age or experience. The bad news is I watched the screening on Mr. Popper’s Penguins without my kids, while the good news is because I watched it in LA and got to interview the stars (keep updated with posts on to read more). I loved the movie enough that I will be watching it again with my kids.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins comes as no surprise to many since the book, upon which it is based, is considered a staple and practically every 3rd grader has come across it. While the basic theme of the story has been maintained there have been changes in the movie. Let it be said that I have not read the book (at least I have not completed it) so I don’t really have that background when I speak about the movie.

This is what the official synopsis says:

In theaters June 17! The summer movie season’s first live-action family comedy event stars Jim Carrey, whose chilly relationship with his family heats up after he inherits six adorable, lovable and mischievous penguins.

I never realized how much I loved penguins until I watched this movie (see my dance video with penguins). It was so easy to forget they were penguins and get swallowed whole by the characters. Simple story – divorced parents, dad works too hard, misses his own dad. Then the story takes a turn when he receives 6 live penguins. After attempts of getting rid of them don’t reach fruition he starts to embrace the situation. The more he does that, the more it pulls him closer to his kids. The magic of penguins is apparent but the way it binds the characters together is worth seeing.

While I was in LA we got to speak to some of the characters, the producer and  director as well. A few insights on the movie made me appreciate it much more.

When asked about challenges, director Mark Waters answered:

I would say that any time we’d work with live penguins, there was a certain craziness that we had to deal with.  And I think that the very first time we had them on set, where we actually like had to say, “Okay, look, we need these penguins to kind of like run from here to here, and then run over here and go over the coffee table.”  Because we just didn’t know what was going to happen.

The fact that Mark Waters looks a little like Jim Carrey we asked them to comment and producer John Davis added this:

Well, and the fact that he looks a little bit like Jim, we used to our advantage.  We’d be in a restaurant and there was paparazzi, we’d just say, “Mark, well, now the restaurant’s packed.  Go to the left, and when they follow you we’ll go to the right.”

With current trends to make every movie 3D we asked if they never considered it and director Mark Waters responded:

Yes, partially because of the fact that we knew that we were going to be doing a lot with live penguins, and 3D cameras are really bulky and kind of a pain to work with.  And I hate up-converted, post-converted 3D movies. When a movie is planned as 3D and like Avatar or a good animated movie, it looks amazing.  And you know, “Yes, they plotted it out.  They shot with 3D cameras.”  When they just kind of decide to do it afterward, it always looks silly. And I wanted Jim and the penguins to have kind of freedom to move.  And that’s how my philosophy of comedy is. You really have to create an environment where all the actors feel like they can do anything and I’m going to be able to capture it.  And something about 3D just felt like it would operate against that.

I hope that made you excited about the movie. Make sure you follow along for several interviews about the movie on Now something for you

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