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REVIEWS | | June 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm

A company I love working with mentioned Paddywhack Lane toys and books and I have to confess I had never heard of them. I have no shame admitting that sometimes cool things slip my view. Since I know that the PR company only worked with amazing brands I decided to give it a try. Paddywhack Lane features a range of simplistic toys that run the gamut from figurines to clothing and buildings too. Being a mama to a kid with sensory needs I always appreciate little characters as they extend the play to other sets and it calms my daughter. The fact that they are cute does not hurt.

My 4 year old was a little disappointed that the shoes did not come off but I, on the other hand, was thrilled at the prospect. Why you may ask? Well all those use who have spent countless precious hours searching for some teeny tiny doll’s shoes raise your hands? I thought so! Although for some reason the hair looks like it can be removed it can’t (thankfully) but the clothes they can change to their heart’s desire. With easy velcro it was do-able even by the 4 year old, which I was suspicious about since they are small to work with and definitely needed the fine motor skills for  fastening the clothing.

The Paddywhack Lane Courtney & Costume Trunk Playset came with a a trunk full of little stuff for “dress up”. While my kids go gaga over princess stuff I loved seeing “dress-up” stuff beyond the regular princess regalia. Definitely helps more providing more creative choices like cowboys, magician, fairy etc. All easy to snap on but staying on may take an adult to help a bit. The play structures were made of paper/cardboard so at least friendly on the environment. The Paddywhack Lane Ella’s Ballerina Studio Playset opens up as a half room and I would suggest taping the floor to the wall after unfolding to make the floor more solid. Because of the open nature of the studio the pretend play is much easier with putting figurines in and out. The mirror and barre bar add realistic dimensions and are easily identifiable especially if your child attends dance class.

Paddywhack Lane Bedroom Cottage Play & Carry Case is compact and snaps closed which makes it ideal for travel. The drop down bed and drawers are cute but my favorite is the hangers and closet. An easy way to get kids to clean up after the dolls.  My girls never tire of doll-houses and I foresee this being added to their “village” of homes. While you are there check out the online storybooks which keep to the themes of the toys. Always sweet and never scary these characters are utterly adorable.

The Paddywhack Lane range can be found online and are also available at Barnes and Noble stores.

Disclosure: These products were sent to me to review!

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