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Congratulations Rachel!

There is so much talk about camping, hiking and enjoying the  outdoors that I think there is just too much goodness to capture in one post. Last year I posted some beginner camping tips from Kit Deslauriers, who is a The North Face sponsored Skier/ Ski  Mountaineer so that may be a good place to check out as well.

I thought this would be an excellent time to do a small roundup of all my favorite stuff. I am sure there will be more posts to come so keep an eye out for those.

Gear From Backyard Safari Outfitters

With camping comes exploration and while there may be plenty of gear out there aimed at older people children, particularly those on the younger side, have a tough time finding gear for them. Luckily Backyard Safari Outfitters has simple to use gear and while still making them look like toys are actually workable. I like that they are robust and yet pretty clearly educational too.

I have explored a few items from their lineup including a tent – including a camouflage cover , birdwatcher kit, field tools, a walking stick, a pretty neat safari vest. The tent is perfect whether indoors or outdoors and small enough to store easily. I love that you could even take it along to the beach, shade plus no more sand in your sandwich. Another cool thing? There is even a camouflage cover – tell me your kid won’t be the talk of the neighborhood with that?  The walking stick will be fun when we go on trails as well and will at least prevent my daughter digging around for sticks to use. We have yet to tackle the birdwatcher kit but from the chasing around little birds that my girls are constantly doing I doubt it will lay unused. Whoever created those field tools must know how much my girls eye their dad’s toolbox when it is out.  If the kiddo does not look authentic enough with all that gear, put on their vest and see how they automatically look and act like total campers. Oh, and in case they find any bugs, they have bug vacuums too – just hoping none of those bugs make it to my home!


The National Wildlife Federation has a program called Great American Backyard Campout. With all the benefits of camping and to promote it the Federation is encouraging people to host a campout on June 25th and have a fundraiser to ensure kids continue to go camping.

Family Fun Magazine has started a set of badges you can get for pledging and completing to do something outside. There is a chart which I will be attaching to my fridge with a spot for badges you can earn. I know I become absorbed in work so this way I can ensure we tackle things I have always wanted to get done but always miss the chance (and season). The  first “Backyard Fun” badge for the June/July birthday issue was created by’s Lea Redmond. If you continue to follow along for subsequent issues you can earn new badges for each month.


Sid The Science Kid, who in my opinion is the coolest things to hit,  will have a new episode about camping. “Sid’s Backyard Campout” debuts on Monday, June 20 and will feature Sid spending a night camping with his friend and dad. The camp in his own backyard and this opens up a whole new world as he sees all the amazing things in his backyard. I was provided with the coolest hand held projector with the episode of Sid The Science Kid. We have since then had “campouts” in every room and personally think the iGo hand held projector is one of the coolest pieces of technology and pretty amazing quality to boot. I love that the dad had little scavenger hunts for all things nature and this got the kids to find different things in their own backyard. Make sure you tune in to watch it tomorrow!

Now something for you.

Want to win a Sid The Science Kid blanket?

Perfect for camping and picnics with the cozy side on one side and a wipe clean surface on the other.

To win tell me where would you campout? Contest closes 25th June 2011. Winners chose by USA and Canada only. Please don’t leave your email address in the comment).

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Disclosure: Some of the products mentioned in here were received for review and the prizing has also been provided.

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