Speaking, Meeting And Learning At Bloggy Bootcamp (in Boston)

NEWS | | May 24, 2011 at 8:18 pm

When I learned there was conference happening in Boston although part of me was getting jaded at maybe attending just another blogger conference, the other part said it would be ridiculous to not attend. I mean seriously how often does a conference land in my backyard and one that was just one day long and decently affordable. Plus I have always said strongly that I wished brands would pay attention to Boston bloggers and do stuff there, so it would have been silly to not be there to show them we exist. I loved the excuse to meet some of local bloggers as well as welcome the out of towners to our lovely city.

Then I got asked to speak at the conference and I was doubly honored. The wonderful SITS Girls behind the conference actually were supportive of me speaking on Social Media For Social Good. To be honest I honestly expected a smaller gathering more meetup like but was super impressed by the whole professional setup. Sure it was larger than a meetup but still less than huge conferences which made it more intimate. Speaking of intimate, a trademark of the Bloggy Boot Camps are the rotating seatings. Each table had a number and you were given numbers of the tables to move after each session. An excellent way to meet new friends and take the guesswork out of “where should I sit?”.

Another new thing? I actually learned. Learned enough to make me surprised considering I have been to bigger conference and had been tired of listening to the “same old” by the “same old”. I loved that it opened with talk of branding since I am a huge advocate of creating and protecting your own brand. It was nice to be reminded that promoting your brand is not only not something to be embarrassed about but an important element to creating your (successful) business.

Photography was another session I loved especially since I feel it is one of my weaker areas. If I found my head exploding with all the amazing ideas, I was made to feel relieved that there were notes already made for me. In fact the sessions were all so good it actually made me nervous to get up and talk about Social Media For Social Good. I also wondered how the audience would do with a topic that was more about giving than getting. It was a refreshing relief to see the energy jazzed up about making a difference and have to admit felt very humbled when I read the tweets later on.

There are several cities on Bloggy Boot Camp tour so if it is your interest I suggest you check them out.


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