NookColor Does Apps! (Win $50 BN Gift Card)

CONTESTS | | May 19, 2011 at 11:59 pm


Congratulations Nicole!

I have already shared with you why I love the NookColor about its wonderful characteristics that make it a versatile e-reader and I have shared with you how it has changed from the Nook reader. The biggest leap recently in changes is the addition of apps. So while I normally turn to my NookColor for reading I do admit turning to my iPad for apps so this was a huge feature for us. Of course the 1st app I had to download had to be Angry Birds and I was not disappointed. Imagine that vibrancy I mentioned in the NookColor and then imagine playing apps with it.

So off course I was excited to try out more apps. We also loved the Drawing Pad app and with my daughters both loving drawing this was a winner. Even my younger 4 year old who normally throw a tantrum and her inability to keep up with other apps loves the Drawing Pad app (must be that whole left-handedness -creativity thing).

There are several other changes like the increased animation in children’s media and the fact that you can also play videos within a book. Of course the “social” aspect has been a bigger focus too. Along with the already in place fabulous idea of “lending” books the now “friends” characteristic will certainly enable more sharing especially among bookworms.

So now you can win $50 from Barnes and Noble which you can use towards the Nook or NookColor e-Reader or you can fatten up you library of ebooks, magazines, newspapers, or apps!

Want to win the $50 BN Gift Card?

To win tell me which app would you download first? You can see all the apps hereContest closes 22nd May 2011. Winners chose by

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Disclosure: I received a $50 BN card as well!


  1. 201
    Debra Hall says:

    im a facebook fan

  2. 202
    Mike says:

    I would buy The FREE Fliq™ Calendar

    I need to get organized…

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    Mike says:

    Subscribed via email

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    FB Name: Mike M

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  7. 207
    Heidi Gail says:

    Angry Birds

  8. 208
    Nancy Meyer says:

    I would get the word search app.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  9. 209
    Diana says:

    I would download the Oprah Mobile first!!!

  10. 210
    April Bever says:

    I want to try the paint app.

  11. 211
    Tina M says:

    I want to try Work On The Go

  12. 212
  13. 213
    Tina M says:

    subscribe via email

  14. 214
    Alicia says:

    The Uno app

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  15. 215
    jackie says:

    I’d give angry birds a try

  16. 216
    Russell M says:

    The My-Cast Weather app, so my wife would stop switching to the weather channel in the middle of a movie.

  17. 217
    Derek Thomas says:

    Maybe Angry Birds because I keep hearing about that app for other devices.

  18. 218
    jeannine m says:

    I would download epicurious first for cooking

  19. 219
    jeannine m says:

    like you on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  20. 220
    Soha Molina says:

    I’d download Lonely Planet

  21. 221
    Soha Molina says:

    I am an email subscriber-

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    Soha Molina says:

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    Soha Molina says:

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  24. 224
    Jason says:

    Liked Facebook, and joined your list and tweeted from greeneyebob.

  25. 225
    Viva says:

    I’d love Angry Birds, thanks!

  26. 226
    Heidi Maplesden says:

    I would download Quick office first
    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  27. 227
    Heidi Maplesden says:

    I subscribe via email
    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  28. 228
    Heidi Maplesden says:

    fan on fb (heidi byrd maplesden)
    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  29. 229
    Heidi Maplesden says:

    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  30. 230
    Heather M. says:

    I’d like the Angry Birds game/app.

  31. 231
    Heidi Maplesden says:

    I like this contest on fb (heidi byrd maplesden)
    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  32. 232
    Amber says:

    I would download the epicurious app!

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    Amber says:

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    Amber says:

    I like this post on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  35. 235
    Darcy B says:

    I would take lonely planet–I love their travel guides.

  36. 236
    Angie says:

    I would download SpringPad first. My mommy brain constantly has me forgetting things, this would be a great way to keep track of grocery lists, wish lists, etc.

  37. 237
    Daniel M says:

    go for the angry birds!

  38. 238
    Angie says:

    I subscribe via email.

  39. 239
    Suzanne K says:

    I would download the Italian Phrasebook first

  40. 240
    Angie says:

    I am a FB fan!

  41. 241
    Lisa L says:

    I’d download Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game for my son

  42. 242
    Lisa L says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

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    Lisa L says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook (Lisa L).

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  45. 245
    Julie L says:

    Tune In download this app

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    Julie L says:

    like u on fb Julie S Laws

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    Julie L says:

    like this post on fb Julie S Laws

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    Julie L says:

    email subscriber

  49. 249
    Theresa H says:

    I also want to download Angry Birds…just because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

  50. 250
    Cynthia R says:

    i would download the My-Cast Weather app

  51. 251
    Cynthia R says:

    blog subscriber

  52. 252
  53. 253
    Tracy E says:

    I would download angry Birds first…love that game.

  54. 254
    Alex K. says:

    I would download angry birds! I love that game!

  55. 255
    Amanda Campbell says:

    I would download the Calendar app so I could have my schedule with me when I needed it.


  56. 256
    joni says:


  57. 257
    Carrie says:

    I like the Drwing Pad App

  58. 258
    Carrie says:

    I subscribe by email

  59. 259
  60. 260
    Tonya Dean says:

    I like the way My-Cast Weather looks


  61. 261
    Lori L. says:

    Angry Birds, definitely! :)

  62. 262
    Katharina says:

    I am so very disorganized that I think I’d have to start with the SpringPad organizational app. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  63. 263
    Katharina says:

    Already an email subscriber.
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  64. 264
    Amy Delongmy says:

    angry birds!

  65. 265
    Amy Delongmy says:


  66. 266
    Amy Delongmy says:

    fb fan

  67. 267
    eva k says:

    I would get Word of the Day application!

  68. 268
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    eva k says:

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  72. 272
    Sarah says:

    I’d download Quickoffice.

  73. 273
    Lynda E. says:

    I could definitely use the Quick Office.

  74. 274
    kolpin says:

    the epicurious app
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  75. 275
    kolpin says:

    email subscriber kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  76. 276
    kolpin says:

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  77. 277
    clynsg says:

    The calendar app.

  78. 278
    mistysunrise says:

    I would download angry birds

    itsjustme62613 at

  79. 279
    kate dunn says:

    i would get UNO

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. 280
    kate dunn says:

    email subscriber

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

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    sub by email from heartsnflowers72 at

    if I win please email me at

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    mistysunrise says:

    like this post on facebook as misty sunrise

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  85. 285
    Kat Emerick says:

    If I had a Nook I would dl the Epicurious app.

  86. 286
    Kat Emerick says:

    email sub

  87. 287
    Sharon Harmon says:

    I would choose the Learn App. Knowledge is power! ;)

  88. 288
    tracey byram says:

    I would download the Word Search app.

  89. 289
    John S. says:

    I think I would download the Lonely Planet Italian app. Thanks for the chance.

  90. 290
    John S. says:

    Email subscriber.

  91. 291
    John S. says:

    Facebook fan.

  92. 292
    John S. says:

    “Like” this contest.

  93. 293
    Liz H says:

    The Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app as I love to cook

  94. 294
    David Hollingsworth says:

    The Organize app, so that I can keep up with all my files/documents, all at one place.

  95. 295
    Aisling says:

    I’d download Play first. Seems like I spend too much time “doing” – even when I’m waiting on something or someone, I’m doing something like email or reading or sewing. I need to have something to just relax and have fun with.

  96. 296
    April says:

    Pulse for news.

  97. 297
    Sarah L says:

    Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List would be my first choice.
    Thanks for the contest.

  98. 298
  99. 299
  100. 300
    Sarah L says:

    subscribe email

  101. 301
    Sarah L says:

    FB like you: Slehan

  102. 302
    Aaron B from IL says:

    The first app I would download is Angry Birds. I am so addicted to that game!

  103. 303
    Joanne Schultz says:

    I’d download Quickoffice first.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. 304
    Joanne Schultz says:

    I’m a Fan of the Mommy Niri Facebook Page-Joanne Schultz.

  105. 305
    Joanne Schultz says:

    email in blogger profile.

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    Aaron B from IL says:

    I tweeted about this blog. (the twitter link at the top isn’t working properly)

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  108. 308
    nanjhall says:

    I would download either UNO or Word Search. Seems like a great way to kill time while waiting for appointments and traffic:)

  109. 309
    nanjhall says:

    I clicked on the Like button for this post.

  110. 310
  111. 311

    I would download My Cast Weather first.

  112. 312
    Katie S. says:

    I’d get “Crush the Castle” and, of course, “Angry Birds”

  113. 313
    Melanie says:

    I’d download the art of the slow cooker app

  114. 314
    david basile says:


  115. 315
    Diane Baum says:

    I would love angry Birds

  116. 316
    AEKZ2 says:

    I’d download Uno. What a fun game!

  117. 317
    AEKZ2 says:

    Email subscriber

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    AEKZ2 says:

    Like you on FB (Annette E)

  119. 319
    Jess says:

    I’d go with Quickoffice. It seems like it’d come in very handy.

  120. 320
    Jay F. says:

    I would download the Goodreads app first — how appropriate for a reader.

  121. 321
    Debra F says:

    I want to play that Angry Birds game that I’ve been hearing so much about.

  122. 322
    Debra F says:

    I’m a fan of the Mommy Niri Facebook Page ‘
    Debra Ford

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    DJ says:

    I’d download Angry Birds!

  138. 338
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    chris says:

    angry Birds

  140. 340
    heather c says:

    I’d download Nooks Word of the Day.

  141. 341
  142. 342
    latisha depoortere says:

    I like the word search one alot of good ones!
    Thank you so much!

  143. 343
    latisha depoortere says:

    Email subscriber too

  144. 344
    brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would download the “More Brain Exercise by Namco” app first !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    Sand says:

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    r hicks says:

    I would dl the Quickoffice Pro app

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    rich hicks
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    Breanne says:

    I’d download Angry Birds.

  157. 357
    jenreco says:

    I would download the Drawing Pad app first.

  158. 358
    Auriette says:

    I’m sure the first app I’d download would be Quickoffice.

  159. 359

    I would download mahjong first!

  160. 360

    I like you on Facebook.

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    I liked your post on Facebook.

  162. 362
    Karen says:

    I would buy the app More Brain Exercise.

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    Donna K says:

    I would get epocrates. Also More Brain Exercise.

  164. 364
    Donna K says:


  165. 365
    Donna K says:

    Fan on facebook.(Donna Kozar)

  166. 366
    Melinda Dinsmore says:

    daily tweet
    RT @mommyniri NookColor Does Apps! (Win $50 BN Gift Card)

  167. 367
    vanita says:

    wait, you’re kidding me . . . the NookColor is $249? with Wifi? That is AWESOME. Ok, I’d have to get QuickOffice Pro. I had it on my iPhone and since I gave the iPhone up, I’m so disorganized, it’s crazy and sad. Now I have to sit at my desk to update my resume and email it out, and everytime i sit at my desk I get distracted. And the nookcolor is twice the size of my old iPhone? Oh that’s wicked. That with the QuickOffice Pro, I would get so much done while the tots are playing or eating lunch. Man my birthday is 5 months away. seems like forever . . .

  168. 368
    vanita says:

    subscribed by email

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    vanita says:

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    your retweet button wouldn’t work for me, so i found it in your twitter stream and retweeted!
    thanks for the chance!

  172. 372
    vanita says:

    I’m not crazy! I just haven’t slept much the past few days (overwhelmed with work) and i kept thinking today was the 21st. i even deposited checks at the bank today and dated the deposit slip the 21st! Sorry I missed out. But thanks for all the info on the nookcolor, i think i totally want one for my birthday.