Mommy Niri at Mom’s Nite Out 2011!

MY VIEWS | | May 25, 2011 at 11:34 am

Mom’s Nite out in 2010 was such an experience that there was no way I would have missed being part of it in 2011. There were parties held all over nationally at the same time (and online) and local bloggers got to pair up with malls. Last year I had known already that I was not just going to turn up and be there (which you could) and expect the mall to do all the work, but really work it myself. So I worked really hard rallying up sponsors and reeling in friends to help. It was such a tremendous success that I still get people walking up to me in the mall.

This year I upped the ante and worked on more prizes but I also decided to make a 150 goodie bags. That alone was more work than I anticipated, especially with a little girl nite out party to watch Bridesmaids but thanks to my darling husband who helped we managed to get it done. But being a mom means I did not want to let go of my other responsibilities, I needed to fetch the cake (yes there was cake – there is always a Mommy Niri cake) but it was also the day of my daughter’s therapy and it was in-home services. Like most special needs parents will tell you, you think long and hard before missing services since they are like gold to us. So after satisfying all commitments I was a little harried and worried if all would go off smoothly.

Eventually, after making around 10 trips from the car in the parking lot to my table to take stuff in, I was joined by my friends Meghan and Kamani (those troopers have stuck with me through the years of Mom’s Nite Out events and before). Even Candace, mom of my kid’s friend, who attended joined in to help (and boy did we need help with the crowds). We had cake, giveaways throughout the event and also amazing swag for 150 moms. It was so overwhelming that at the start of the event I said maybe this will be the last time I do this event, but by the end I knew that I will be back next year.

Working with the Burlington Mall is easy since I go there way too often and they get social media. Getting to meet moms in person adds such a personal touch and am floored when some actually were already readers. I will be there next year and hoping you will too!

Special thanks to The Papa Post for creating the video for me.

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