Crocs Chameleons: The Color Changing Crocs For Kids!

REVIEWS | | May 10, 2011 at 10:48 am

Crocs ChameleonI must admit I had not been a huge worshiper of Crocs and frankly wondered what the whole hullabaloo was about. I thought it was a fad and would eventually die out. I mean they looked ok, but I could not fathom out the craze. Well that was until Blogher 09, where I managed to get a pair of Crocs flip flops (and again I had no idea they made them). I slipped my feet into them and I thought “heaven”! They were orange and white and though they matched nothing I was wearing at the conference but the comfort was too much for my tired feet to deny. They have since then outlived all my flip flops and thanks to the easy cleaning remained a faithful member on my shoe-rack.

Crocs ChameleonMy kids have worn them too, perfect water shoes they make. In fact we loved the little decorations we could add to make more individualism to them. When I heard about the color changing Crocs. I was half interested. I mean color changing sounded so fun but somehow in my mind thought to evoke the color change water was needed. All you mamas out there would understand when I say that had me have images of my girls drenching their shoes all the time to enjoy the effect. Even then I still said yes to review them. When I found that sunlight was the trigger, I could have kissed the manufacturer – no seriously I would! We chose a pink sole one with a white upper that changed to purple in the sun. I loved that the effect was immediate and the reversal was too.

These are limited edition shoes and seriously will be the talk of the town. You will be pleased to know that Crocs is giving away free pairs of Crocs Chameleons via their Facebook page and although they are not out yet, as a Mommy Niri reader you are lucky to get in on the scoop, enter your details here to stay informed of when they go on sale to the public. They will not last long so I would get them while you can.

Disclosure: I received the Crocs Chameleon shoes to review!


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