An Ambassador For Strawberries, No Really!

NEWS | | May 27, 2011 at 8:38 pm

I have been trying to be careful what brands I works with. I mean reviewing a product is different but standing up as an ambassador for any brand makes me think long and hard. Many bloggers are vying so hard to be aligned with a brand that they forget their own brand. When I was asked to be an ambassador for the California Strawberry┬áCommission I was like “are you kidding?”. The fact that I am just one of 5 ambassadors (and I adore the other 4) makes this deal a sweet one. I mean EVERYONE loves strawberries right? So while I was was still in shock (and still said yes) I headed to Monterey, California.

I normally have a crazy travel schedule and so I don’t get to make those huge summer plans like most moms (yeah the guilt kills me) but the one thing that I do without fail every single year is Strawberry picking. It is one of the more relaxing outings and has become a tradition. Now Monterey was way more interesting than I imagined and I am going to do separate posts on it since I will not capture it well enough here.

If you thought strawberries were just for dessert then check out the menu at Montrio Bistro by ´╗┐Chef Tony Baker. The menu was designed specifically for us. I honestly expected a lot of supersweet dishes but was amazed at the flavor and the creative ways of using strawberries in the dishes.

So there is much more to follow including tours of Monterey and also a visit to the Strawberry farms. The most exciting bit is that I get to share this at a local event in Boston with my fellow blogging friends. So stay tuned for a fabulous journey into strawberry farms and more.

Disclosure: This is part of an ambassadorship for the California Strawberry Commission.

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