A Visit To Tiffany & Co!

REVIEWS | | May 2, 2011 at 7:47 pm

So I got an email from Tiffany’s to check out their offerings for Mother’s Day. My heart skipped a beat. Tiffany’s knew me? Then I thought maybe it was a different Tiffany’s, I mean there are other Tiffanys out there. Remember Tiffany, the singer? I loved her to bits (I think we’re alone now – fame) and she was among the guy’s posters which plastered my bedroom wall, sheesh I was a teenager, what did you expect? Ok, back to the other Tiffany, the one where we all knew was renown for their diamonds.

Speaking about diamonds, maybe I am not so foreign to them considering I come from South Africa, home of several fine diamonds. Meanwhile back in Boston I was eagerly awaiting my event. I expected a huge gathering of bloggers and media but was pleasantly surprised to see a few media members from diverse niches . I have to admit that I had never been to Tiffany’s before (gulp) and wondered what the fuss was about. As I normally do, I tweeted and updated my Facebook status but was unprepared by the oohs and ahhs and the tales of  their Tiffany moment/s. Apparently this whole Tiffany experience is for real. And what is that craze for the “blue box”?

So I felt pretty overwhelmed as to where to start but we chatted about what was traditional and what was new. I learned form the very educated staff, and to interject – so educated that they studied the craftsmanship – seriously as a former software engineer I had no idea you could actually study this stuff. Speaking of stuff, this lady knew it, from cuts to designs, to stories behind it. The famous engagement ring has and always will be the most talked about item. Though they have some newer designs that are trendy, a bit like a ball, I must admit to gushing over the traditional one. Hubby might be relieved to know we are already married so he can wipe that sweat off his brow as I make a quick glance at the hefty price-tag while trying to act nonchalant – can you guess? $49K will get you sporting one of those rings.

In case you thought all that glitters is not gold diamonds, the next thing I saw had me silent (dear hubby if you paid $49 K it would be worth it for me to be silent) – back to the story, I saw that diamond shimmer. I know, I know, you think I was dazzled by the amazing lighting in the store, well they do have amazing lighting but this lady covered the ring with a black cloth and as I peeked in, I was shocked to see it sparkle. She explained that it was the precision of the cut making it reflect so, me? I just chalked it to magic!

Several contemporary pieces like the key and the lock (I heart the lock) pendants and an extra long chain-like necklace which doubles up as a shorter one (see the practicality in me always emerges looking for more value). Bracelets were plentiful from the delicate pieces to the chunkier ones. In fact, to thank us for our time I got a cute little key pendant chain. Now I have the famous blue-box. Another surprise: Tiffany’s sells bags. Am I the only one who did not know that? Consider me educated now. If you are looking, or hinting, this Mother’s Day it is worth a peek. While admittedly pricier, it is not like you will be buying diamonds everyday, right? Chalk them up to an investment! While they have little activities like coloring pages for kids I say leave them home – you’re gonna need your focus to bat those eyelashes, or just buy them for yourself, you know you’re worth it!

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