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Congratulations Emma!

So earlier when I got to visit the special Spring line-up for TJ-Maxx I was so eager to do some changes at home. In fact when I mentioned it to the kind folks of TJ-Maxx they were keen to offer my readers a chance too.  Since I knew many things were affordable I struggled choosing a room to buy stuff for, I could have just as easily bought something for me (in fact I almost did) but decided to get something I would never have anyway.

To make birthdays more intimate we are having 3 parties for the 3 girls. One each for their class, and one fore an excuse for our friends to get-together. I wanted a theme that would would manage many kids (other than a miracle) but be affordable and used in all the parties. I mean it is pretty unreal to throw loads of money of parties but in poor taste in this economy but we all want to create a memorable time so we have that dilemma too. We decided to just have a movie day for each birthday but change the movie for each party based on the birthday girl’s favorite. I made invitations like tickets to send out.

So I was really tempted with all the wonderful patio seating, especially seeing the fresh colors and you can see why!

Even the kitchen stuff called my name, especially when I saw they had dishes inspired by the Palm Restaurant. I ate there once and was pretty impressed. The girls’ room furniture was too cute and may deserve a revisit.  I decided to do the one thing that I never do – splurge! At the prices at TJ-Maxx you can. You know the cool neat stuff you get as gifts but seldom indulge in yourself? Yes, that stuff.

So I thought why not get those big popcorn machines??? I mean NOTHING says movies like popcorn, right? I dabbled at getting some smaller ones to save more money but decided I could host many a party with the big baby! So to set the theme I got the biggest popcorn machine which even had the movie LED lights on it but used regular popcorn. also managed to get some fancy popcorn boxes. They had various styles from basic to girlish to scaryish.

Then I got a pitcher which guests could serve themselves (yeah I am ready for the little clumsy hands too) and since the ice is at the bottom the drinks won’t water down, plus I can throw in some colorful fruit for eye-candy. Speaking of fruits, I spied some longer toothpick like skewers and I thought they would be fabulous for fruit kebabs I would make. Moms would thank me for that.

Now your turn.

Want to Win a $50 Gift Card to be used at TJ-Maxx or Marshalls?

To win tell me what would you by at TJ-Maxx? Contest closes 16th April  2011 . Winners chose by

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Disclosure: I received giftcards to use towards part of the purchase.


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    With summer just around the corner, I need a new bathing suit and would love to win your contest and purchase it at TJMaxx this year!

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    I’d get a new lamp for my living room!

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    something pretty for me for summer – probably a shirt, and new shoes for my kid… he goes through them tooooo quickly!

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    I would buy clothes for my baby who’s due in the summer at TJ-Maxx.

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    I would buy some new bath linens. Towels, bath mats, etc.

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    I need some new shoes :)

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