Reasons Why Those Voting Contests (Still) Suck! And My Pledge To Not Support Them!

SOCIAL MEDIA | | April 11, 2011 at 8:23 am

When I originally wrote the 7 Ways To Annoy Your Friends in Social Media I skimmed over one of the points and it became obvious in the comments it was the most popular item. Most agreed but some still decided to try to justify its salient points. So I decided my explanation was too brief and maybe needed some elaboration.

They give (others) good traffic!

Did you ever see where you could vote on your own site? No, all our links to votes are steered to the hosting parties website or their pages. So guess who is really winning the popularity contest? This all started as some (lazy) person’s way to increase traffic of brands and sadly it stuck. Notice any brands says constantly “Go vote for your favorite”? No? That’s because they have you doing it FOR FREE!

They ignore your (hard) work.

Have you noticed that it does not matter all the creativity, time, effort, and more you pour into your entry it all boils down to who has more friends (who can click for you too). Content is not even in their vocabulary! So why bother? It is pretty insulting to see your hard word reduced to “I got more friends than you” level.

They make us fight!

No matter how much you may want to exude good sportsmanship, it would be really difficult to remain blas√© about your “competitors” especially as the prize increases in value (or importance). Stop pretending that it doesn’t and frankly I don’t want to be pitted against my friends, and yes we are friends – don’t try to change that.

It is annoying. Really!

Seriously now go read my post again about how you are killing your friend’s (and the social media) streams with that that constant nauseating request. Any self-respecting campaign should find another way.

It is contagious!

Not only brands, but blogs are doing it. “Top 25 bloggers!” They ask you to slap that badge on YOUR site to vote for you. Oh, come on – seriously? I was once told that I was chosen to to blogger of XX but needed to stick the badge on my site. Are you kidding me? Does anyone tell the winner of the Oscar Award you have to be present to win the award? So I kept my site my way and they could keep their freaking award. If someone deems you worthy enough they will give it to you anyway.

It is so time consuming!

When I fell into the trap a few years ago to the voting thing, it sucked my time, all my time. I recall being  relieved that it was done. Time you spend soliciting votes is time you could be making a kick-ass blog (instead of asking blessings to be called one).

So today I decided to make my stand a little more public so I can reference it if ever pitched by anyone (and it looks too awesome). Also it will serve as a reminder lest the temptation for that pot of gold to engage in a voting contest become too much to resist. So I won’t remove or squabble if anyone has me on a list for anything being voted but I WON’T have a link in my sidebar to vote or email my friends or tweet about it. If you choose to do it I will not think any less of you (and you will still be my friend) but I won’t be part of this venture to promote this voting anymore. I vote for no more voting (except in elections of course)!

The world according to Mommy Niri.



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