It Looks Like We Got Recycle And Re-Use (Somewhat), But What About Reduce?

MY VIEWS | | April 21, 2011 at 11:16 am

This is Earth Week and a perfect time for me to bring up a nagging thought I have had for ages. It is Spring time, well kind of in Boston (yeah we do everything different here) and with that comes Spring cleaning. You know what that means? Loads of those plastick-y toys and junk left at the kerb while our insides are ready for more junk stuff. It pains me, to no end that the disposal nation idea needs everything now and then dump later. It pains me to know that several of those items leave toxins in the ground, whether from composition or paint which goes straight to the earth and to your food.

It makes me thrilled to see recycling being a big deal here, but not enough. In fact I met a friend, whom I had not seen for a year, whine incessantly (enough to make me want to end the meeting) about her year in Switzerland and how inconvenient the whole eco-living was there. The funny thing was in the 12 years I had known her she looked in her best health. She complained about even the food dye testing and here I am thinking this mama to a kid with autism would do cartwheels if those yucky artificial food dyes were taken to task here – well cartwheels may be exaggerating considering my agility but still.

Anyway, I still like where we are going with recycling – it is a brilliant and active start. Re-using is tagging behind, not up there with recycling but I am so loving yard sales, and those consignment stores. I still think we are missing the “R” with the biggest effect.


If we used less we would have less to recycle and less to re-use.  What is this greed desire to have to have it all? What is the need to own so many plasticky non-sustainable goods? Why do we have to disperse that dollar store junk to kids at birthday parties. Why?

Have we become so selfish that we have forgotten to share? Do we really need a device for everything? Have we forgotten to live simply? My (late) father-in-law, a brilliant and unassuming man always said these words to me and I just thought he meant be cheap but understand those words better now “Simple living means higher thinking!”

I am a state ambassador for Be Kind To Earth day and would love if you could pull out a tip or two from their Facebook page to make this world a better place. I will be posting more about my intentions.

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