Earth Day Roundup!

NEWS | | April 23, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Well, what is that you say? I’m a day late? Well I was doing earth-y stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know we normally do earth stuff everyday and should care about it everyday, which is what we do do (just ask my kids about their paranoia about recycling), but I do believe there is importance about declaring a day and making a hoopla about it. It is like a birthday, you should be treated special everyday but having that day is a great reminder.

There were so many special things happening I needed a roundup.


  • Not only did Arthur have a special episode for Earth Day but kids can take the Go Green Challenge ( on the ARTHUR website.
  • Sid The Science Kid also had special tv episode focused on Earth day. Sid offers these Top 5 tips to be kind to the Earth all year long:
    • Don’t waste water
    • Reduce air pollution
    • Plant a tree
    • Recycle
    • Preserve animal habitats

Links of interest

Activities/Eco stuff  for kids

  • Miracle-Gro has come up with the little planting kits. All you need is water and voila – your own little greenhouse. I got a sample of one and I gave it to my 4 year old’s class. I love that they planted the cucumber seed and now the entire class uses it each  day to talk science. How perfect is that?
  • African Dwarf frogs. I covered this before so go read up on why they are excellent for kid learning everyday.
  • Insect Lore Butterfly Garden – this is a lovely kit where you send a form to order live caterpillars and get to watch them transform into butterflies. My favorite part? – you get to set them free. I am yet to try this, but I am going to try it this year.

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