What A Week. What A Year. What A Blast!

NEWS | | March 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Have you missed me? I’ve missed me. It is not like I am ignoring you, seriously not. I have been cooking up some interesting stuff. Some I will let you in yet, and some in a bit (let’s just say the ideas are still simmering).
Want to know what’s been going on?

  • Happy birthday MommyNiri.com! I started blogging in March 2008, and launched the MommyNiri.com domain in March 2009. So either way it is my blog’s birthday. I meant to make it a huge hoopla celebration but got caught up in my new campaign. So yes, I am overdue on a cake with candles but I will make it up and it will be worth the wait. Which brings me to:
  • Launch of MommyNiriCares.com – Social Media For Social Good. You recall my holiday charity drive? Well I figured the “feel good” feeling was too good that I wanted to have a permanent home for it. Besides I recall what it was like to need help. I will be covering more of this as the blog progresses. I have no idea how to capture the vision of this new site in a few words that would do my vision of it justice, but here goes: You will find  -Stories of struggle and strength, interviews with amazing folks in our community doing fabulous work in our society, news on what’s happening for causes (everything from Autism, Cancer, Hunger, Education and more) and, brands and how they are supporting social causes in your neighborhood.

There are so many things going on so if it looks quiet here it really is wonderful stuff percolating. Hang tight and enjoy the ride with me.

  • The last one is a personal one for me, yeah the others are personal but this is about my little girl who has worked so hard in her therapy that she gets to join the typical Kindergarten kids in their class all day. Might sound small to someone else but to this mama it is a milestone beyond belief since we received the diagnosis a year ago.


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