Tacky Tuesday: Spitting In Public!

MY VIEWS | | March 15, 2011 at 5:58 am

You know I announced the series Tacky Tuesday earlier today so here is one of my pet peeves. ¬†Spitting in public. ¬†I don’t care if you spit out the car window or while walking or whenever – it is gross and it makes me want to throw up seeing it. I don’t care if you think it is butch and you just “have to do it” it is a filthy habit. Get a tissue, or excuse yourself to the bathroom. There is NO good reason to do it!

As much as you may not believe it, I really don’t want to step on, over, or near your spit-up. In fact the only ones I excuse with spit-up are those in diapers. If you are doing this, please stop. I don’t care if you want to stop cold turkey or do a 10-step program – QUIT IT!


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