Mars Needs Moms

REVIEWS | | March 31, 2011 at 8:46 am

I attended a screening for the movie just before I went to Disney so needless to say this post is a little delayed. Firstly I loved what an amazing build up to the screening this was since the screening had a pre-celebration with Radio Disney, science crafts and also mini-massages for mom and dad. Can you tell that it would be a fabulous time already? 3D movies are always a treat and the fact that this would be our first IMAX experience another hoot.

The movie,  you would all know about already, is one where the guys over in Mars decide that they need moms to rear the new babies just born. The moms work in the spacecraft (?) and the dads in something that looks like a trash/recycle yard.  Like all kids the hero of the movie under-appreciates his mom and his whining leaves me wondering why I have heard that before. Mars takes mom and boy follows to save mom. Boy meets “older” boy (now grown up) who once had his mom taken and befriends in a weird buddy way. One Martian (is that a word?) lady splashes color to the planet and to the scene. If there was one thing that was tough to swallow for me it was the greyness of the movie. I get why it needed to be so but was tough to watch.

Sweet story and the pseudo human/animation made it confusing at times. Definitely worth a watch but don’t hold out thinking it would be a super block-buster. I was appreciate for a non-girly movie that held the attention of both my girls. I did love the adventure which I think gets missed in many family movies. Among the better choices for family entertainment. Oh, and those IMAX seat?? Love!

Disclosure: Attended a screening for Mars Needs Moms!


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