7 Ways To Annoy Your Friends In Social Media!

SOCIAL MEDIA | | March 28, 2011 at 10:08 am

Ok, I get it.The world is a smaller place thanks to social media, and I have more friends now than I ever did. This also means that because my friends (and family) read my blog it leaves little space for me to really blog about what’s on my mind without offending someone. On that note my newer family of friends has somehow managed to get on my nerves, with as much annoyance that it generally reserved for family (or better yet family-in-laws). I get that many of this new group are really friends that have really helped me during struggles (where many of my offline peeps dropped the ball) and I love many dearly but the trend for some exploiting friendship is enough.

The time has come to remind many that the same respect is expected of us as what was meted out with offline friends (aka friendship etiquette) even today.

Can we vote on no more voting please?

Wow, brands have made a mockery of us. They pit us against each other and then laugh at the traffic. I, who has also fallen prey to this, am vowing to not work with a brand that makes us do this to each other. If you MUST take part then please use discretion in asking for votes.

Keep your linky to yourself!

Oh, I am all about branding – in fact I have totes, t-shirts and my swanky necklace to prove, but there is a time and place for promotion. Tacky is putting your link, (when it is not about the topic at hand) in blog comments, Facebook statuses or worse on the wall of a Facebook (not personal) page which has followers. You may think all this is promotion but it is in poor taste.

Tweet it yourself!

I will tweet your stuff, on occasion. Stuck for some comments and you know (and I mean KNOW) me, then feel free to DM me about it but can we just stop with expecting me to just retweet your promotional stuff or giveaway? Same goes for “@”ing me your post that has no relevance to me. On this note don’t even get me started on Auto-DMs!

Do your own dirty work!

You finally have a “client” and you want to promote them, sure I will comment, and even “like” a page for you, but if you asking me to “tweet”, work a twitter party, or do anything more for something that YOU are getting PAID for, then share the loot or don’t ask me to work for free. That does not make you just like the PR companies and brands that do that, but worse – because I TRUST you.

Picking my brain!

Yes, we moaned and groaned about brands doing this. I can help you, some. Beyond that get off and do some work yourself (Google is a great place to start for searching – no really it is). Somehow it is become that it is your duty to get people to a spot faster than having burnt the midnight oil themselves. The trick to getting ahead is still the same old one – work harder. If you are picking my brain for a company you are getting paid from (read my feelings about that on the previous point) I may or may not help you. Know that it is a huge favor you ask – that knowledge is what we have learned the long-hard way and there is a price attached to it. If you are ready to fork out, just ask for that price.

Just give me a name!

I know I may get dragged over hot coals for this one and may even be called names for it (been-there, called-that) but I have been frothing at the mouth about this forever. I don’t (normally) share contacts. It is simply good business practice – here’s why: If I give your name/blog to a brand it is basically me endorsing you. Your behavior will reflect me and the future relationship with that brand. There are seriously very few people I am willing to do this (or jeopardize my name) for. Frankly many professional people know this is tacky and don’t ask. The other reason I don’t give you the contact name is that it is giving personal (even if it is from a brand) contact details, I personally would not appreciate it a brand just sent around my email without asking me first. The sad thing is many of these contacts were asked for just for stuff/products – stuff I would just buy if I needed rather than put my friends on the spot. Oh and shameless begging for invitations to events is a hot topic I should reserve for another post (if I still have readers by then).

Inviting me to your (virtual) events!

I consider my inbox sacred (no, I am not full of myself – time is precious – yours and mine) so when I have to read (another) virtual event – or even one in another state which I obviously can’t attend (not talking about conferences here people), I think you are just being a little lazy to filter out the contact list. In short you are annoying a helluva lot of people.

Ok, there is so much more I could add but I figured I probably lost enough friends with this list. Care to add your pet-peeves?



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