Cooking With Kids – The Figidaire’s Kids’ Cooking Academy!

NEWS | | February 17, 2011 at 2:41 pm

You already know that I was part of the wonderful Frigidaire test drive program (yes my spanking new dishwasher) but did you

know that Jennifer Garner teamed up with Frigidaire with their Kids’ Cooking Academy program. This is an online school that has daily tips, fun recipes and how-to videos. All this with a family-friendly chef Mary Sue Milliken. When parents join Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save The Children.

I love that not only does it support a charity it promotes cooking with your family. There is just something about cooking with your family that normally means eating healthier. I love that kids love to see what is in their food. They learn from the ingredients that goes into food which makes them smarter in food choices. The one thing that goes with cooking with kids though is a lot of dishes to clean. Of course I try smaller versions of some cooking utensils (yes I am the only one to do anything with the stove and oven) which is a pain to wash. Normally they would get lost in a dishwasher but thankfully mine is flexible and adjustable. With clean-up not on my mind I can focus on the fun part aka Cooking with my kids.

Disclosure: That Frigidaire dishwasher was provided to me as was a giftcard to use towards healthier cooking with kids.


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