Being A Left-handed Kid In A Right-handed World!

MY VIEWS | | February 27, 2011 at 10:07 pm

When my 5 year old was born she tended to use her left hand. I have no idea why that concerned her dad so and I often caught him trying to “teach” her to use her right hand. Pediatricians warned that it takes a while to know since children flip between using both hands from the time they are born. Eventually, and much to my husband’s relief, she did end up using her right hand. Of course he knew this was because of her natural tendency rather than being steered towards any direction.

My left-handed daughter

Then I had my feisty little daughter who clearly would have none of that right-handedness. Dad knew better than to leave well enough alone. It bothered me none, as I could not understand what the fuss was about. I had no one in my family using their left-hand predominantly and I felt as long as her hand was fine who cared. I hated seeing her swap her shoes when trying to put them on everyday and her frustration at being corrected soon thereafter. She has since learned better.

This world is right-handed!

Then she started playing with toys and I understood the fuss. Did you know most toys are designed for right-handed children? Yeah, neither did I.  Those toys, which I had never looked at so closely before, now their striking features like way the buttons are located, catered for the hand of the right-handed kid etc stood out. Now that I have been seeing the world through her eyes and my heart clenched as I realized that is just one more minority issue she would have to deal. Yay, right ? Just what a little brown girl needed.

Left-handed handshake?

Toys aside, I started realizing other things too. Like a handshake or a high-five which should be a simple way to connect and bond leave me flustered and confused as I struggle to remember to use my “other” hand. I hear people who are left-handed are normally in the creative field, but since none of my family are left-handed I don’t know. But then again, I have no one in my field that is in that field.  She does create a mean kick-ass drawing though so you just never know.


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