What’s The Tooth Fairy’s Going Rate?

MY VIEWS | | January 5, 2011 at 1:48 pm

I did not care for learning anything about the Tooth Fairy – we had no concept of this growing up and somehow in my head my kids seemed to young to be losing their baby teeth. Then during breakfast on Sunday (I think) she mentioned her tooth was loose (a little more excitedly than I preferred). I panicked. Did her glass cup hit on her tooth? Hubby was trying to give me the “chill-pill” lecture that it was all normal, and I was thinking that if I needed his opinion I would ask for it (like never).

At the back of my mind I knew it was inevitable, those teeth were going to fall and there was not one darn thing I could do about it. So then I started to feel maybe it was time I wrapped my head around this Tooth Fairy thingy and figured out what I was supposed to dole out. I asked my friends on Facebook and even on the Mommy Niri Facebook page and even on twitter.

Then yesterday morning my 5 (and a half) year old grinned like a Cheshire cat and declare her tooth had fallen out. My first instinct at her toothless smile was let’s see if it will go back in. So now I had to figure this whole Tooth Fairy thing by end of day. So I started consolidating all what I was learning.

Some of what I learned

  • The answers ranged from 25c (a quarter) to $10. So that was totally no help.
  • Then someone mentioned a bigger amount for the first tooth ($5) and less ($1) for subsequent teeth. I thought ok, maybe I can work that, until someone chimed in about the building up disappointment and the rest of the teeth seeming less important.
  • The one that stuck was gold $1 coins.

I was at a belated anniversary dinner last night when I heard about this coins stuff and panic set in as to where to find them (banks were closed at this point) and come hell or high water there had better be something under that pillow. Then my friend Meghan, who had been indulging my hysteria and calmly suggested another idea (I both love and hate, at the same time, how she stays cool and collected). She thought a treasure hunt after school the next day which would buy some time for me to get it.

Sharing this with hubby he calmly (is everyone else, but me, calm about this?) that he had plenty of “gold” $ coins. I was shocked! I mean this was the man who would not find the milk in the fridge if the juice bottle was in front of it, and here was saving the day? And yes, I questioned if he knew what I was talking about and he showed me a pile of them – go figure. We were on the lookout for something else as well – but hubby was insistent that the little sister get something too. I thought that defeated the purpose of making a treat for the older one but he was very sensitive to the little one’s feelings (I guess stemming from middle child syndrome).

So since I loved the idea of the treasure hunt I get excited, write notes with each leading from her bunk bed to various places and each with a clue to the next, ultimately leading to the last note which had the shiny new coin. So as I step in to replace the fallen tooth with the note under her pillow – I could not find the tooth! Now what? I thought crap, can the fairy leave something if she maybe hid the tooth somewhere else?

After my whole fiasco of missing her concert and again last week missing an invitation for her class-mate’s party – I was seriously in the doggie-house. I mean seriously, I couldn’t suck at being a tooth-fairy too,could I? Again I turned to my friends and readers, who seriously are the smartest peeps out there, and brilliance came in a suggestion to leave another note saying though the tooth could not be found, we are leaving a little something and to remember to keep it under her pillow the next night. I liked the suggestions of gold dust to resemble pixie dust but no way was I taking a chance messing the sheets – I just washed those babies (an we all know much I love doing laundry).

So the next morning she excitedly jumped around following clues and was super excited to reach the “gold” dollar, and so The Tooth Fairy scores!


  1. 1
    Meghan says:

    Hey – it’s easy to stay calm and collected, when it’s not MY kids. With my kids, I’m the same as you are with yours, chica.

    Good job, tooth fairy!

  2. 2

    I think your quest was so much fun how awesome. Fortunately for me though my girls are too small to lose their teeth so I get to learn through you seasoned mommas!!

  3. 3
  4. 4
    lisa says:

    My 5 year old’s tooth fell out this summer and we decided to give her $5 for her first tooth; do you know the little girl was ungrateful? She’s too funny! She wanted at least $10. She thought that $5 was way too cheap! The nerve of my baby, right? LOL Love the idea of a gold coin. Why didn’t I think of that?

  5. 5
    Carla says:

    Blame my husband for raising the bar high on giving our son $10, for losing his first tooth, thanks to this post, I am going to make it differnet for his next tooth. YOU ROCK TOOTH FAIRY…love Meghan’s response!

  6. 6

    Woot! Glad you found such a fun solution to the tooth fairy issue.

  7. 7
    Amy B. says:

    My 6yo is about to lose his first tooth — the exact same one as your daughter! I was thinking we’d give him $1, but I love the gold coin idea. I’ll get some at the bank today.

  8. 8
    Kristina says:

    Gold coins! =D Great post!

  9. 9

    Gold dollars are a great idea! My son just recently lost his first two teeth (swallowed both of them a week apart). We gave him a dollar for each one. I think I’m going to the gold dollar coins!

  10. 10

    You need to give yourself a break, you are a great mom! We got a little man with a loose tooth now in our house, so I am using the GOLD COIN idea , thanks.

  11. 11

    Gold dollars are such a good idea. Soon the teeth will be falling so fast it will be hard to keep track. The tooth fairy got delayed by busy nights in China a couple of times this last year. There are sooo many kids in China. It happens. :)

  12. 12

    Awww I miss the tooth fairy. I did have the girls write letters to theTooth Fairy and it was fun to go thru them (just last week) to see how their letters changed. We were the parents who gave $5 a tooth, but I like the gold coin idea..better stock up!

  13. 13

    I couldn’t help it….you make me smile and laugh. I <3 you!!!

  14. 14
    Gena Morris says:

    I love it!! When we forget the tooth fairy, we say “Oh the tooth fairy had a day off.” LOL It has worked and bought us time! Enjoy your tooth fairy adventures!

  15. 15
    Ragini says:

    We have also done gold dollar coins. They are called the Sacagawea – my boys can pronounce it perfecly.LOL! There is a bit of a history also – google it.

  16. 16
    Chante says:

    OMG. Hilarious but I loved it! My little 5-yr old Princess lost her 1st and 2nd bottom teeth right after Kindergarten started and guess what? She DID NOT want to give the Fairies her teeth. Holy COW! Am I one lucky mommy or what? LOL

  17. 17
    Kristy says:

    Love the idea of Gold coins. I’ve also done little toys and trinkets. I also found a case that I can keep their teeth in for when their older. Hopefully it makes it easier to explain that I’ve been the one sneaking under their pillow all these years. It’s kind of funny and holds all the teeth in a little mouth. I found it at http://www.toothtrap.com. Now if I can just remember to stay awake to sneak in there and make the trade.

  18. 18
    Marie says:

    Great story. I also wanted to give my daughter (5 1/2) a gold coin for her first lost tooth. we were at disneyland. By the time we got back to our neighborhood, it was getting late. and it was dinnertime. we stopped at a stip mall to eat. there was a gift shop. I bought a trinket to put under her pillow and mentioned that I wanted a gold coin. the sales lady had one and I bought it off her! I lucked out.

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