Travels Bring Sweet Memories No-One Can Take Away!

MY VIEWS | | January 19, 2011 at 9:46 am

I love travel. Did I say love? I meant love, love, love – with a capital L travel. If I had oodles of money it would NOT sit in a bank (I can see hubby already getting antsy reading that) but spent on travel. The guys over at Traveling Mom gave me the opportunity to watch the new upcoming Open Season 3 movie and mull over my thoughts on family travel. What’s to mull over? Talking travel is easy-peasy. Ok, ok, family with is a teensy-weensy more, shall we say, challenging but oh so worth it.

I have always wanted to travel and in fact made a pact to travel to a new country once per year and was doing fine for around 7 years until I missed my boat to Mexico – that’s too long a story – maybe another post. I stopped putting too much investment in possessions after my home was burned down in political riots in South Africa – another long story (becoming a trend, no?). My first trip out of the country was to India, a thank you to my mom trip for paying for my studies. A few months later she had a stroke and barely remembered me – but she did her recall her trip. It is with that thought I have always been a lover of travel.

Fast forward a few years and 2 little (and active) girls in tow we tried to mellow out travel plans. Finances played a role in that decision and so did having a child with special needs make unsure what adventures travel would bring. A trip overseas where my little girl sported fevers that reaches 105 made that fear worse. That was until we got invited to the Atlantis resort. Not only did my girls shock me with their wonderful behavior on the plane, we had a magical ride. When we got in the water with the dolphins it was an experience like no other. Something larger than life and up until now we fondly recall “our” dolphin Shari.

That led to several more trips on a cruise, local resorts and more. In fact I was concerned when we missed the 1st week of school and therapy too but the memories were worth it. We are planning our first Disney trip in March and beyond ecstatic. I guess the travel bug has bit, and it kinda feels nice.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OPEN SEASON 3 will be released on video January 25th. I was able to preview a copy of the DVD.


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    Kristy says:

    I was too chicken to travel when my girls were toddlers, they are 11 and almost 7 years old now. I def do regret it! You must be so excited for Disney in March, that was our first major trip as a family! Already hoping to go back soon before mom and dad aren’t so cool to hang with! lol Have a great day!!

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    Carissa says:

    What a sweet story about your mom? Talk about good timing huh? Love the pic of your kiddo on the plane!

  3. 3
    karen M says:

    wow, I am impressed on the many places you have traveled. Have Fun on your trip in March, and post pictures when you get back.

  4. 4

    Loved your post!
    I love traveling-in fact you can say I was born traveling (my mom left Bucharest and reached Vienna in the nick of time to give birth to me in a regular hospital).
    Travel has also helped me during my darkest period after my elder son was diagnosed with autism while his younger sibling with epilepsy.In fact that got me even more determined to go out there and create wonderful memories for us all and on some level kept my sanity.

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