So You Know That Kiddo Who Had Her Cast Removed Last Friday?

MY VIEWS | | January 16, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Yes, the same 3 year old kid that sported that cast for 3 weeks – all during Christmas and New Years. I was counting down the days to the cast being removed so that I could at least put on a winter jacket that would fit, after already forgoing any events that may stress the situation – bye-bye sledding. I even moved our New Year’s stay at The Four Seasons Hotel since swimming and other activities would have been a challenge. I was so excited when Friday when the cast came off, that even warnings from hubby to take it easy fell on deaf years. I could actually put her own clothes on, and she could sit properly in the bath. The next day we left for The Four Seasons and those hands fared her well in swimming and making cookies.

And then Tuesday, it happened. Yes, the same Tuesday that we had that snowstorm with over 1.5 feet of snow – she does pick her days.The daredevil kiddo is known to walk on surfaces which make my heart skip a beat on a daily basis. Both hubby and I looked as she (purposely) stepped on the edge of a booster seat on the floor, it topple and she hit her head on a glass and metal table. We picked her up and there was blood. It looked like her eye or maybe next to it – we could not tell for sure as there was so much blood.

We panicked and knew we had to take her in. Fleeting thoughts in hubby’s head were that he only cleaned a bit of the driveway. He ran out to pick up the pace as he knew time was of the essence. There was no way any emergency vehicle could come as the circle on which we lived had not even been plowed (Grrr!). We decided to take her to a local hospital, one that she had been to a year ago when she knocked her head on a table in a Barnes and Noble store (I know what you are thinking – all this on a 3 year old?) and needed stitches on her head.

No sooner had hubby pull out of the driveway he found himself stuck in the snow. Luckily he had a shovel to dig his way out (no thank you to some neighbors who watched with shovels in hand and did not offer to help). I decided to stay home with my older kid since I felt being in the ER would become a 3 ring circus with them both there. Somehow he made it out and though our roads were not shoveled yet, he did make it to the hospital. 3 stitches later and a some princess stickers and she was on her way home.

Stitches come off tomorrow, yet I need to work on the scar for the next 6 months. The question is, what will she get up to next?

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