Let’s Not Forget About Haiti!

NEWS | | January 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

This week fellow Heart For Haiti Ambassador Sarah and I were on a talk show with Ananda from Digital Sisterhood to talk about about the Heart For Haiti campaign (you can listen to the podcast below) . Sarah is an amazing person, who in spite of not being impacted directly by similar tragedies has her heart and head in the right place. It really gives me hope that people don’t necessarily have to endure something to feel so strongly about it. Although the strife, political and otherwise, I experienced made me passionate about the cause – there was not a shred of doubt that Sarah and the other ambassadors did not feel as strongly about it.

One of the questions that popped up was how can we not forget about Haiti. While it would be easy to just say we will remember them always the truth is it is not that easy. If I told you I would be thinking of Haiti everyday (or even every week) I may be lying. The pressure to do so would surmount and eventually not make me want to think about it. The reality is life is busy and sadly even more disasters will appear and older ones will no longer make news. People assume they have moved on and it becomes an “out of sight out of mind” kind of thing. Seriously, how many of us thing of the countries or towns post-wars or disasters? Tsunami anyone?

Exactly, so let’s add a dose of real life and say what best we can do. I will continue to promote via the badge since I thinking visibility is really important. Another way will be those products which make really personal gifts. To touch something that someone living in a ravaged place works on focusing on his or her artistry made is precious. I have to admire how their hands remained steadfast on their craft while trying not to look back at the ruins in the past but looking ahead at brighter skies.

By exposing myself to what the artists do and the hopes for the future though pictures, videos or any personal experience makes an imprint on my heart and memory. Haiti can never be forgotten, it may not be remembered everyday but it will not be forgotten. It cannot!

Listen to the Podcast here:

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