Why I Would Love To Go To Haiti!

NEWS | | December 16, 2010 at 11:20 am

Going to Haiti would feel a teensy bit like going home. Don’t get me wrong South Africa has amenities in abundance but not for everyone. While in South Africa I kind of felt helpless, having dealt with many of the challenges myself, including poverty and losing my home in riots, I always felt like I was in “catch up” mode. Plus, even though Apartheid crumbled while I was there, regimes still looked hard (and inappreciatively) at my brown skin color. I moved with my skilled software engineering skills to the USA and followed my career by day and my passion by night. After work hours were filled with volunteering from being a “Big Sister” to working with abused kids, senior citizens, gardening, promoting arts, painting low income schools, chaperoning at-risk teenage dances and more.

I always envisioned that I would do something like the peace core but then I got married and had kids. Traveling for such long periods would not have fit in well with my hands on approach with raising a family. Thankfully through my blog I have worked on several charitable projects including child hunger, building playgrounds for communities in need, helping to end teacher-funded classrooms, Rwanda’s Path To Peace project and more. This holiday I am working on 2 projects - one for the kids in the cancer ward at Dana Farber hospital and the other for the kids born in poverty for Room To Grow in Boston.

Having said that I have yearned to go “on the field” and do something myself. I don’t just want to donate and forget, I want to remember and cherish forever. The Heart Of Haiti campaign, which I am an ambassador of, is actually giving one of us a chance to get in the field for a few days on the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. As much as I would love to go, and trust me I do, I also know that each of the ambassadors will do well by spreading the word. This makes me feel like I am going back home, empowered and somehow making a difference, no matter how small it it. So while I will be crossing my fingers that I get to go, I also know that I will support this campaign that touches my heart – and hopefully yours!

Disclosure: I am a Heart Of Haiti ambassador and the trip expenses would obviously be covered for the selected ambassador!


  1. 1
    Kristina says:

    Motherhood changes and alters our dreams and goals. Family always come first. But that doesn’t mean we can no longer achieve our dreams. Go for the gold!

    We need more kind souls like you. Let’s spread the word!

  2. 2
    Fiona says:

    I have thought a lot about doing something more “in the field” over the past year – having a family definitely changes your world doesn’t it? I wish that they were taking two or three of us because experiencing something like that with you would be beyond incredible.

  3. 3
    Forest says:

    Wow you really have done and experienced a lot. I hope you get to go. I know a man who owns a plane and has been making regular flights over to drop food and things and he has said the place has an excellent spirit.

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