Why I Would Love To Go To Haiti!

NEWS | | December 16, 2010 at 11:20 am

Going to Haiti would feel a teensy bit like going home. Don’t get me wrong South Africa has amenities in abundance but not for everyone. While in South Africa I kind of felt helpless, having dealt with many of the challenges myself, including poverty and losing my home in riots, I always felt like I was in “catch up” mode. Plus, even though Apartheid crumbled while I was there, regimes still looked hard (and inappreciatively) at my brown skin color. I moved with my skilled software engineering skills to the USA and followed my career by day and my passion by night. After work hours were filled with volunteering from being a “Big Sister” to working with abused kids, senior citizens, gardening, promoting arts, painting low income schools, chaperoning at-risk teenage dances and more.

I always envisioned that I would do something like the peace core but then I got married and had kids. Traveling for such long periods would not have fit in well with my hands on approach with raising a family. Thankfully through my blog I have worked on several charitable projects including child hunger, building playgrounds for communities in need, helping to end teacher-funded classrooms, Rwanda’s Path To Peace project and more. This holiday I am working on 2 projects – one for the kids in the cancer ward at Dana Farber hospital and the other for the kids born in poverty for Room To Grow in Boston.

Having said that I have yearned to go “on the field” and do something myself. I don’t just want to donate and forget, I want to remember and cherish forever. The Heart Of Haiti campaign, which I am an ambassador of, is actually giving one of us a chance to get in the field for a few days on the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. As much as I would love to go, and trust me I do, I also know that each of the ambassadors will do well by spreading the word. This makes me feel like I am going back home, empowered and somehow making a difference, no matter how small it it. So while I will be crossing my fingers that I get to go, I also know that I will support this campaign that touches my heart – and hopefully yours!

Disclosure: I am a Heart Of Haiti ambassador and the trip expenses would obviously be covered for the selected ambassador!

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