The Break I Needed, And The Break I Got!

MY VIEWS, PARENTING | | December 29, 2010 at 9:50 pm

So just over a week my daughter cried hysterically about her arm, and I just thought she hurt it. So a little ointment and some massaging and she eventually fell asleep. The next morning she cried a bit but I did not heed anything to it. Hubby insisted to take her to the doctor and I thought he should get the honor for being over-cautious. Seems like he was correct (I assume this was because he had fractured his own arm at 4 he was wiser about these things) and we found she needed a cast. Somehow, somewhere she managed to get a hairline fracture.

Here I was already feeling wiped thin and wanting needing a break so badly I felt like a zombie running around. My daughter was getting external therapy 4 times a week, and this was excluding what she was getting in school. School itself was 5 days a week until 2pm, her sister was attending a pre-school twice a week for 2.5 hours in the extreme opposite direction. That meant I got 1 hour and 40 minutes twice a week child-free in which to cram my work in. In that time you can’t even read my email (yes I get that much) so I am pressured to “get it all done”. Then I decided to add on some dance classes, well coz they needed something “fun” right?

Anyway I was so excited about a week off for the Christmas vacation that I decided to not have the few therapies that were being given in that vacation week. I just wanted one week without rushing someone somewhere. The worst has been that working nights on the blog and often until 2am (what, you didn’t think the blog got so awesome on it’s own did you?) meant I am so cranky in the morning. And the laundry, or should I say Mount Laundry just never gets attention it needs. It gets washed, that’s the easy part, but the human intervention to fold and put away is something that I find utterly ridiculous.

So I craved a break and got this one, but maybe someone upstairs thought this would be a funny joke. Well when I am done trying to shove my little girl’s cast arm into a winter jacket so won’t freeze to death I will be able to laugh it off. This also wipes off any chance I had of kicking her out of my bed when she makes a nighttime appearance because now my bouts of panic won’t let me. I love that when I have it crazy, I get things more crazy and realize I should have just shushed with old crazy. So if anyone in the heaven’s above wants to send me anymore favors – DON’T – I am doing just fine!

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