Staples: Who Knew My Office Supply Store Also Had My Holiday Gifts?

REVIEWS | | December 12, 2010 at 7:21 pm

I shop at Staples. A lot. Seriously I do. You know what’s worse? They opened one right next to my home. Somehow it became my one-stop shop. The fact that hubby works from home and I happen to (grudgingly) share the same basement office means we always have something we need from Staples. You know how it is when you buy a home and when you first get to Home Depot you want to keep going back for something new? That’s how I feel about Staples since we launched our own company.

When I was approached by Staples to spend a generous gift card to buy something for the holidays I was taken aback. Because I think of Staples as my store I visit all the time, I never think of it as holiday gifts. Then I started looking at the top gifts they offered – and a few that caught my eye were amazing gifts. A good thing I have a Flip camera already and can vouch for it – it was one of the reasons I started blogging for. The range of cameras are extensive too. But I spied something I really wanted.

Or rather some things I really wanted. I figured I had a gift card to buy a gift, something I would splurge on somebody. Some thing that they needed but would never indulge in for themselves. My girls have just started using the computer and we have been hesitant (ok, adamant) that they don’t mess with ours, so wanted to set them up. We spied a beautiful kid’s desk and chair at IKEA and had a cpu already but wanted a small LCD monitor that would fit on her desk. The fact that I got one for $99 for a Compaq was a steal on it’s own.

Then I looked at my hubby’s huge old-school monitor and I knew he would never spend on himself, so I bought him one. One that was bigger than the girls since he is always comparing spreadsheets etc so a wider screen would mean it would be easier to work on. The space on his (untidy) desk was at an all time low so having something sleek would free it up. So I got him one for $129 (I chipped in more money than the gift card but it was worth it) for a brand HannsSpree I did not recognize but felt comfortable buying.

I spied a few things I would get myself Рbut saved it for a later date. Things like the Discovery Projector for $79 Рwhat a steal!  Another great buy is the Staples MiniMate Shredder ($49.99) Рa shredder is so essential not just in a home office but a home as well. We already have a bigger shredder but this one is much more compact and a space-saver. Speaking about shredding, this year I am going to shred holiday stress by buying practical gifts. Nothing cutesy, instead something people will use again and again.

I am glad I opted out of the snazzy stuff and worked on my home office for the past few months. The biggest improvement came from removing the clutter. Once you have space everything just looks and feels better (and you wonder why you had that crap in the first place). Speaking of getting rid of clutter they have some tips from organizational expert Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet and founder of – and I love that she has sustainable cleaners in her top picks.

Disclosure: I received a Staples gift card towards my purchases and paid the balance myself.


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