My Daughter In A Photo-shoot For A Food Magazine! No, Seriously!

MY VIEWS | | December 20, 2010 at 9:52 pm

After I had written a review about the Chop Chop Magazine (a magazine for teaching kids about healthy food including recipes) I received a letter from the founder asking me if my daughter would model for their next issue. I ignored it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the magazine and seriously could not find a single thing I did not like about it, well there is one thing – I wish there were more issues in the year, but I had other concerns.

Modeling is so not our thing. In fact since she has always been lean and tall when people commented maybe she would be a model or basketball player, hubby and I both chimed in that we preferred the basketball player. We don’t have anything against models but understand we both come from engineering so we live in a different world.  Added to the fact that Autism makes it difficult for my daughter to maintain eye-contact. Memories of Atlantis (which is a place we totally fell in love with) and when we were taking pics and some people kept saying “look in the camera” and I could see her stressing out came flooding back.

Then I received another email, and I decided to be upfront that I knew my daughter would love the experience but if it was stressful it would not be worth it. After assurances it would be fine we were excited about the day. In fact they just had a launch of Chop Chop Mag at The Children’s Museum and while I could not attend The Papa Post did. He met one of the “models” of an earlier issue and the mom raved about the entire experience.

So off we went on an icy morning after waking up late and practically running out the door. The roads were covered in black ice and my tummy was in knots. I forgot my camera at home and my iPhone was not totally charged (and hubby dearest moved my car charger to his car – grrr).

In a way it was good, I did not want to disturb her with taking my own pictures. The entire experience was more than pleasant – it was downright amazing. The way the entire crew answered every (and I mean every) question she threw at them to the way they kept the pictures true to reactions – no forcing smiles here. I also loved no makeup/hair nonsense involved.

They did have clothing to use during the photo-shoot but these were simple GAP clothing that I suspect had more to do with colors blending with the food than controlling how kids look.

You know the food you see in the Chop Chop Food Magazine? All were cooked right there. It was wonderful that a full kitchen was actually cooking the food used in the pictures. I would tell you more about the food but I would rather you get the next issue – oh and keep an eye out for my beautiful baby (who did look in the camera)!


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