If You’re Going To Snack, Might As Well Make It Popcorn (Giveaway)!

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Congratulations Lisa!

Missing on meals, that’s easy but snacking? That I can’t do without. My favorite all time snack is popcorn and I am sure it is not just my favorite snack. It must be why they are a staple at the movies. When we have a movie night at home popcorn is what makes it complete. Now while I would love to make the popcorn on the stove for probably the tastiest way, I have a habit of scorching them. Yes, trust me to make elaborate meals but the popcorn thingy just never came out right. In fact when before I had kids I used to plead with my older sister to make it for me – promising to do untold favors in return. Yeah, I still remember her enjoying watching me squirm as I waited (not so) patiently.

So while I can’t get my sister from home back each night to make me some popcorn I can rely on the microwave version. Now call me old fuddy duddy or boring but I like the Light Butter flavor. The holidays are going to be filled with loads of snacks and we all know most of them are not so healthy – so when you can grab some popcorn. No, I am not saying you need to pass on that cookie, but just keep popcorn on your radar. In fact we always have popcorn at our parties and no surprise it is popular.  Now if you’re looking for more snack ideas come join me at the #gno Twitter party on Monday, December 6 to chat about healthy holiday snacks. Click here for more details.

Want to get your snacking started?

Win this gift basket  (ARV $50)

  • Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn varieties (a mix of Light Butter, Lime and Salt, Cheddar and Kettle Corn)
  • Popcorn bowl from Crate&Barrel
  • Healthy Snack Recipe Mix-ins (Nuts, raisins, chocolates, dried cranberries, honey and recipes from the Orville Redenbacher’s website)

To win you need to do these 2 things:

  1. Answer the question: “What are your favorite healthy holiday snacks?” Elaborate why please.
  2. Tweet the following: Check out the #Orville Redenbacher’s giveaway on @MomItForward to win healthy holiday snacks!http://bit.ly/g1y4PR PLS RT

Then leave a comment below so I know how to contact you. Contest closes 5th December 2010

Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in the Orville Redenbacher’s campaign.

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