I Dropped Off 104 Zhu Zhu Pets At A Hospital For Kids With Cancer!

NEWS | | December 23, 2010 at 1:36 pm

In a time when most are focusing on getting the most for their kids, some are inspired to do something further. Having spent the previous 2 holiday seasons scrounging for employment we felt blessed to have a roof over our heads and food on the table this year. Things are tough, but they could be tougher. It was with that vision in mind that I designed The Mommy Niri Cares 2010 Holiday Charity Project. I was feeling great about it and then I received an email – something about Random Acts Of Zhu Zhu. Now if you have been blogging long enough you start to get suspicious even when the pitch sounds good.

Here was it – You are provided 104 Zhu Zhus (or a mixture of different types like Kung Zhu etc) and you choose the charity. I don’t keep anything, get paid or have to promote anything. Now why in the world would I say no to be the Santa? Earlier this year I got to visit the Dana Farber center and meet a mom to a child with cancer. I have been struggling with what I could do for them.

Here’s why I chose cancer – I know next to nothing and (almost) no-one affected by it personally. After my child was diagnosed with Autism, all I focused on was Autism. Then I realized many people who have no kids with autism don’t really know (or care) about it. I realized that just because cancer has not directly touched me does not mean I should not reach out and work to help support the cause. In fact when I told them 104 Zhu Zhu pets they worried it may be too many but I suggested siblings. When a family goes through a trying time, everyone gets impacted. Siblings, especially younger ones, tend to envy the treatments as they see it as getting all the attention.

So I packed 104 zhu zhus in 4 huge trash bags and had my 3 year old tag along to Dana Farber Hospital in Boston. After driving in Boston on a Friday it was a good reminder of why I quit my job in the city – not for the faint of heart. After having my heart heavy driving past The Children’s Hospital in Boston, where my 5 year old was diagnosed with Autism, my heart felt heavy as my eyes welled up.

Anyway I get there and amongst all the decorations were so many children all waiting treatment. If you looked closer you saw many frail yet smiling faces. I could almost read “Keep the faith” on their faces and then I looked at my little girl waiting patiently and I realize how good we all have it, even when times are tough – they could be tougher. Sure a Zhu Zhu is not going to cure anything but it may bring a smile, a smile which might make the pain through treatment bearable. That is all I can hope for – in fact a hope I consider a privilege to be f delivering.

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