Did I Ever Mention That Red Carpet Event With Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner And More?

NEWS | | December 30, 2010 at 12:06 am

I didn’t? Well that is what you get for sitting on a good story for so long. Honda, who had earlier called us in to their Honda Odyssey 2011 launch in San Diego was a sponsor for the Variety Magazine Power Of Women awards. Yes awards to celebrities for their philanthropic endeavors. Make that female celebrities. We had to each submit what we thought was the essence of Power of Women and I had written the following:

The ability to nurture and nourish minds and body while still keeping her spirit, and everyone else’s, is all in a day’s work. To have the strength to be sensitive, yes that means crying too, yet without compromising sensibilities. Realizing that being emotional is by no means being weak. Having the ability to experience a whole range of feelings is indeed powerful and liberating. It is what powers our passion to invoke feelings, positive feelings. Having been humbled by history we believe no job is too big or small, just the attitude with which we approach it. We revere our fellow female counterpart’s opinion, even when we don’t agree with it. Evolving each day to new roles that we adopt, whether by choice or circumstance, while making it work. The power is not in the sister but the sisterhood.

I was beyond thrilled that those words above was displayed up at the event. Can you believe my name displayed at a Red Carpet event? The dilemma began where everyone was talking about dressing and that was just so not my alley. I write because I can be behind the scenes and this past year in blogging I have been anything but. But a red carpet event? Why would I pass experiencing that? We stayed at The Montage so that already started to set the mood. I mean my bathroom had a flat panel screen, the drapes were remote controlled and my bed had a personalized initialed pillow for me.

The next morning we went to the dry bar. This place just styles hair – no cutting or coloring. I would think my local salon would be out of business for that rule but this is Los Angeles so I guess there is an audience.  The wonderful job they did on my hair was confidence building stuff. Also while skipping the streets on Rodeo drive I spied The Organic Pharmacy nearby and discovered organic makeup, skincare and more (I will not go back to my regular stuff and will have to be satisfied with online orders since they only have one store in USA – oh why did it have to be in Beverly Hills?)

Spotting celebrities would have been much more fun had I been more “with it” – I mean with the kids I barely knew Justin Bieber was (yes, I know now, and no he was not at the event, and no I don’t really care). But there were so many that I did know. Come on Ricci Lake sat at my table, Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes at the next. Speaking of Katie Holmes, how did I not realize that girl was so tall? I have had a girl crush on her since Dawson’s Creek. She had Suri Cruise with her but I swear you would never know since that child was so silent (and yes she is even more beautiful in real life – both mama and daughter) except for the time Katie leaned over to hug her before making a speech.

Anne Hathaway, though beautiful, also made me wonder why are all these women so much on the skinnier side? Eva Mendez was shockingly more stunning than I remembered and much more kinder in taking time to speak to all – but also the way to connected to the people from the charity she was associated with (in fact a new favorite of mine). All these pictures were taken with my iPhone – not too shabby I must admit.

There was also Diane Lane and Amy Adams – both of which looked amazing. The food was ok, I would have expected more for celebrity fare but the decor and fellow attendees made it all the more special. You could not turn in any direction without seeing celebrities and there were so many that my memory fails me. Lily Tomlin did an excellent job of hosting.

Disclosure: Honda, a sponsor of the event, covered expenses to travel to the event!

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