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Congratulations  Cyrus – Order’s Up and Lucas – Take The Cake

We love board games. I would love dedicating more time to play them. So would my older kid. While I am at wishing, I wish my 3 year old had a longer attention span not to trash board games when it does not go her way. That being said I was keen to try out the games from Gamewright and was particularly curious to find a game both kids can play. That is in itself is a tall order but we decided to see if these games could reign some peace.

We chose the Take The Cake game and Order’s Up.

Take The Cake is probably the closest I could get my 3 and 5 year old to play together. I love the physical 3D shapes of the pieces which make it easier for matching and the simplicity of the game. I do think the tossing the shapes out of the cake is a little bit of a challenge with trying to make sure too many pop out – well for the kids at least.  Overall – I love the quality and definitely will be playing this game more often. My 5 year old enjoys the game but honestly more from a point of “I love doing stuff together” rather than it is challenging for her.

Order’s Up – is a great way for us to move from our play kitchen to acting out the restaurant on a timer. I love that it comes with an actual bell like restaurant’s have. Recently we have been playing Diner Dash on the iPad so this was a lovely extension. It provides my older kid with the challenge she needs and definitely adds a realistic fun to the whole restaurant theme.

The fact that both these games, along with several other products from Gamewright, have won awards will come as no surprise when you see the quality and obvious thought that went into designing these games.

Now your turn!

Want to win Take The Cake or Order’s Up?

To win tell me which prize you would like to win? Contest closes 5th November 2010 . (please don’t leave your email address in the comment). 1st name chosen get’s the choice!

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Disclosure: I received these products for reviewing purposes

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