What Makes #HeartOfHaiti So Different?

NEWS | | November 28, 2010 at 8:57 pm

A sense of pride. We all need it. People who are in times of need, need it too. It is ever so humbling to ask for help, it takes strength to do that. While there may be people few and far between who may be content with just taking a handout, more people just want a chance, an opportunity, to carry their own load. When you use words like “aid” it comes down one helping the other – and while not a bad thing, the self esteem can take quite a bashing if you are only a taker.

When words like “trade” are used, a more equal platform is thought of. Like a tenant and landlord – one provides a place to stay and one the rent for it. This is why the Heart Of Haiti campaign is endearing to me. It makes the community receiving support do so in a way that they can stand tall. They use their amazing artistry skills and craft something that people would love to buy and voila – a sale is made!

Supporting and promoting that trade helps bring awareness so that maybe if you were dabbling whether to buy that one item that has a hundred and one items similar to it or the one of a kind craft item from the Heart Of Haiti project, me thinks you would spend your $$ in a way sending a positive message and invoking change.

No-one is asking you to mortgage a home to help, or feel guilty that you actually have one, just to keep these crafts in mind when you shop.

Not only is this project helping the Haiti community see a difference, they allow the community to be able to look you in the eye with pride!

Disclosure: I will be getting a giftcard to help spread the word on this amazing program and some products so I can view the quality firsthand!

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