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Toy Story was such a hit that when Toy Story 2 came out it was a tall act to follow. Apparently it did not disappoint.  But when Toy Story 3 was announced, one might have been forgiven for assuming that maybe they were pushing it. Trilogies are hard. Good ones even harder. Somehow if they disappoint then they kind of mess the taste of the first one. I am sure you can think of several movies butchered by their sequels.

The fear of rejected “ala new brooms sweep clean” toy style  is a fear we all share – everyday. New smarter kid at work, new best friend etc. That common vein runs through all of the Toy Story movies.   The mood of rejection and “moving on” was already there but here we start off with it being pretty clear that there is no turning back. Andy heading to college and his outgrown toys collected in a chest to  eventually have its fate decided. Will it be stored in an attic, given away or be one of the few lucky ones to head with Andy to college          .

Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys have to come to terms with the fact that decisions about their future will be made. When they get mistakenly delivered to a day care we meet new toy characters. The metrosexual Ken (Michael Keaton!) is hilarious and his partner Barbie (Jodi Benson) is also there. There is also the Lotso bear (Ned Beatty), a human –  Bonnie (Emily Hahn) who owns a plush Totoro no voice obviously)!

The daycare is a place that runs amok with emotion and some deeper than those touched upon by the previous installments. There is not a soul I have spoken to about the movie that did not willingly confess that they cried for the movie. The reason they cried? Well that would be telling, now wouldn’t it?

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