I’m An Activator on “Well, Then” – Harvard Pilgrim’s Community Site!

NEWS | | November 16, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Some exciting news, for the next few months I will be an Activator on the community website “Well, Then!” which is part of Harvard Pilgrim. Why do I love this gig? Except for the fact that I am getting paid for it, I love that I get to be, well, me! I am not promoting anything (which is rare when you are getting paid). I am not sticking links all over on my blog. I am not promised those microsite promotion links etc. I get to talk about different aspects of being well.

I am a yakker. I love to talk, about (almost) any topic. I applaud Harvard Pilgrim for having a site where people can stay true to their nature. It makes me want to blog – or vlog. Left free to what we do best, writing, brings out the passion. I cannot imagine a better way to create content for a site.

Anyway I hope you will join in checking out Well, Then site and leave comments about what you think.

Disclosure: I am being compensated for being an Activator on the Well, Then site.


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