Creativity For Kids Diva Puppies And Enchanted Storybook Activity Kits (Giveaway – 2 Winners)

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Congratulations Sarah and Victoria!

My kids love crafts. Any crafts. I am not saying that they are great at them, but they love them. I am an avid believer in a child doing their own crafts – even if they look like something the dog dragged in. I do not want masterpieces of art in my home – I want my children’s art pieces. I love the way both my little girls sit down for crafts and, when they are not ripping each other apart, end up having some wonderful bonding time.

Since the pressure of how they do it is lifted from me, as I shelved my Type A personality, I end up getting a “mommy” moment when the kids are busy crafting. Needless to say their crafting time is my treasure time – and very looked forward to for all of us.

Diva Puppies

This kit comes with everything you need to have a complete activity. 3 little dogs, which are thankfully not made of glass and enough paint and decorations. The dogs come in basic white and the bobbing head, while cute, makes it a tad difficult to paint. I actually removed the bobbing head to make it easy – though it looked kind of weird to a child to have a headless dog. It also means that there is a lot of time waiting for paint to dry between painting – a tough thing for kiddos wanting to complete their creations now! They painting is an easy job even for my 3 year old to tackle with her 5 year old sister. Speaking about painting, I really wish there was more than 1 paintbrush in the kit.

The sparkles and other decorations make this a fun and easy project. This is really perfect for a small playdate.  Diva Puppies retail $17.99

Enchanted Storybook Activity Kits

My girls are in love with everything girlie –

that means pink, princesses and fairies totally fit thebill. They are also avid readers so combined a storybook with fairyland and you have a winning combination. The fact that they can tell a(n awesome) mean tale attributes to their amazing imagination – sadly that imagination also comes to play when they are trying to get out of trouble. In fact sometimes I am so impressed bu the extent of the tall tales I forget to give them a time-out.

Now here is a book they can call their own – a photo inserted in the front completes the personalization. This is a perfect travel activity, but I would not recommend it for more than 1 person – though I guess you could fit a teeny pic of both kids in the front. A very simple and yet fun activity with little to no mess – I am so glad that glue is not involved. Enchanted Storybook $17.99

Want to win both the Diva Puppies AND the Enchanted Storybook kit?

There will be 2 winners each winning both products – valued at $17.99 each!

To win tell me what is your favorite art activity with your kid? Contest closes 20th November 2010. (please don’t leave your email address in the comment).

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Disclosure: I received the above products to review!

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