Amazon And Pedophiles – Why I Will Never Shop At Again!

NEWS | | November 11, 2010 at 7:49 am

Dear Amazon,

It is time we parted ways. I have known you, and trusted you, from the shores of South Africa but the time has come to bid you farewell. I wish it was on sweeter terms of our parting but every time I look at my children I and recall what you promoted it makes me want to vomit. Speaking about vomit, I meant to put this post up last night but my sick child vomiting last night deserved my attention. Because you see Amazon, my children are the most prized possession to me. It has been barely 24 hours since a blogger put up her disgust at finding that book on Amazon up. Then a tweet from Cecily which I noticed about you having a book about pedophiles and how to do it and get away with it – and I was shocked.

Just last week I made a big order from Amazon. Amazon has always been my go to place. I thought maybe a mistake. Amazon has probably a billion books, maybe this slipped through the crannies. I bided my time, tweeting, facebooking and waited patiently for Amazon to hopefully come back and say “I’m sorry – this was a mistake”. I knew social media had a power after the whole Motrin Moms issue so I felt strongly that we would make an impact. You see Amazon, you picked on our heart and soul when you picked on this disgusting act on children.

I was then SHOCKED when you chose to invoke freedom of speech as your excuse. Molesting children is not only sick it is a crime. Aiding and abetting a crime was a crime too the last time I looked. You would have been safer making no comment. Anyone who knows, and loves a child, cannot read the description of the book and not want to gag. The moment you said that I knew 2 things – 1 – I will fight until that book is off and 2 – book out or not I WILL NEVER SHOP FROM AMAZON again!

Then I caught a glimpse of the story on Anderson Cooper (AC 360) on CNN last night. Even though he tries to keep things non-judgmental – you could clearly see him shocked by this whole situation. Amazon stuck by their guns with their statement. Thankfully I learned of the Facebook page Boycott for Selling How Guide for pedophile which I joined to be part of the conversation. That group grew rapidly and at the time of this post was closing on 10K followers. It is also where I learned that the book was pulled from the site last. Apparently Amazon, you have been doing this kind of thing for a while, maybe assuming we would never find those books hidden under a mountain of other books. Maybe you just did not care. Money talks right? Well guess my money and you will not be meeting again.

People think that Amazon is so big (they include soap,com, and more), and may not care about our small purchases. Many small purchases make big amounts. By making sure Amazon feels this on the one place they care about most – their profits. That would be a lesson to any company to think they can pull this on us again.

The book may be gone but so is my faith in you Amazon.

In case you missed the memo Amazon:


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