The Talk Hosts Answer Mommy Niri’s Question On Balance In The Home!

INTERVIEWS | | October 28, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Some time earlier we got to interview Holly R. Peete for the launch of her book My Brother Charlie. That book and her interview had subsequently led me to start a few projects that I am proud of and are close to my heart. I was invited to a round table discussion with her and the other hosts of the talk show The Talk but sadly decided against as I had been traveling a bit and missed my family immensely.

Beth of Role Mommy was kind enough to send over a question from me to the hosts of The Talk show.


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    Holly says:

    We do have to be easier on ourselves. I respect Holly Peete SO much and appreciate her advice. I really set my DVR to tape this show.

  2. 2

    She never really answered your question about your other child tho? right? I would say schedule a date night with your other child and you. This works in my house. I dont have special needs but I am a Foster Mom and this helps with those high time taker kids that we love.

  3. 3
    Cindy C. says:

    WAY easier said than done, but I understand what she’s saying. Great question. My “me time” is reading. I read A LOT, but it keeps me sane.

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