Spicy Pumpkin!

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I’m a pumpkin girl. I have always loved pumpkins and all its relatives from the gem squash to butternut squash and everything in between. The fact that Halloween is around the corner and pumpkins are adorning all porches makes me excited…. at eating them. Now  I am a color freak, I love food with color – natural color. I start getting images of what all those colors in terms of vitamins – told you I get freakishly excited. So I love all pumpkin baked goods but I also have a few other ways I love them. One is pumpkin fritters and the other is a spicy pumpkin dish. By the way, did you know the leaves and flowers of pumpkins are edible too and yummy at that?

I am NOT a measuring girl – except for baking. I am sure I would frustrate people with the way I cook, “a little of this and that” with ingredients.

So here goes –

Ingredients (no quantity listed -trust me you CAN eyeball this)

  • pumpkin cut into cubes
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • few pieces of dried whole chillies
  • mustard seed – don’t dare to imagine you can substitute mustard sauce for this.
  • salt to taste
  • vegetable oil to cook it in.


Heat the oil in a pan on high. Slice or mince the garlic (I prefer sliced as I love looking at the garlic in the dish) and add to heated oil. Decrease the heat, but just slightly. As the garlic softens slightly add the mustard seeds. Be ready as the mustard seeds begin to roast and pop – you will smell the fragrance of the mustard seeds as they cook. Add the chillies, whole or turn up roughly (remember to wash your hands before you touch your eyes or your kids).  Let it roast making sure it does not burn and then put in the pumpkin that was cubed. Mix up and lower the temperature and cover so that the pumpkin cooks through and is soft but not all mush. Add salt to taste and eat. This goes great with rice, or naan (Indian bread) or basically anything. Enjoy!

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