Seagate’s 750 GB Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive. Win It!

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Congratulations Anna!

So I dropped my beautiful camera yesterday and I could see hubby seethe yet hold back the words. Sure it is not the end of the world – just the end of my $700 sexy red DSLR camera but there was a reason beyond that he was perturbed. We had already lost 2 laptops to accidents so needless to say my record has not been great. Beyond just losing the camera though is losing precious pictures of my babies.

I suck at printing or ordering prints of my pictures thinking that I can do it anytime – but sadly it is gone.  I have been eyeing an external hard drive, wondering if they ever would come out with a wireless one, for a while. When I got the opportunity to review one from Seagate I hopped on it for 2 reasons. One being that my pictures and documents situation was out of hand. Contracts added to the mix add to the urgency.

The 2nd reason is the company is Seagate – and as any software engineer knows Seagate is a very respectable brand. There are some things in life we know are important yet we never get to, backups is one of them. Coming from being a software engineer backups have been an integral part of my everyday life, especially when I worked closely with operating systems of company servers. Now the urgency is not so much the company data but something just as precious: my kid’s pictures and my blog’s pictures and documents too.

The folks over at Seagate know full well that not everyone is an engineer so they designed the product intuitively enough so everyone can take a backup easily. There are various options like backing up your computer – where you can specify certain directories. You can, for a fee, use their online location to back up to as well. The fact that it all works through your USB port makes it so much easier and versatile for all devices.

As someone who almost lost her site which was hacked a few months ago knows that pain when you don’t have backups. Even if your site is hosted they DO NOT take back ups every day. And when you drive content as much as I do, each day loss can be pretty painful. Of course losing your child’s pictures is so much worse – how on earth can you ever recreate that?  The backup drive is pretty small and truly portable.

Better yet you can win one too.

Want to win The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro 750 GB USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive (valued at $123.99)

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