My WebKinz Party!

REVIEWS | | October 11, 2010 at 7:10 pm

We had a fun and easy party celebrating with Webkinz. Always fun to have a toy that has many uses. The actual physical WebKinz can be held by kids much younger. The other fab thing is that when you are out and about, away from technology (I know that seldom happens, but when it does)  at least the plush toy will still be there. But then if you want more, and they will after a while, then they can take it to the next level, or several next levels online. Webkinz have been around for a long time, and I recall getting one for my kid a few years ago. The online code gives you exclusive access to your little animal friend.

We had a few friends over and I was thrilled to find the WebKinz package sent included crafts. Crafts always save the day and I love how kids get wrapped in them. We had 2 amazing crafts to do, one to make a paper bag puppet and the other to make a friendship bracelet with beads. Kids loved them and I even tolerated the goobs of glue on my carpet – yeah I am a cool-lazy-indulgent mama!

Sadly the DVD that came with the package did not work but we all had a fabulous time. The kids got to take a wonderful package home, each with a Webkinz, CD, coloring book, and stickers. Not bad for a playdate, right?

Disclosure: I was sent those goody bags to hand out along with some craft supplies.

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